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The L.S.C is the name of the Lost Scavenger community, which has members from every Urban Level in Craesto Welk. According to the Records, variations of it has existed for nearly as long as there has been Lost Levels.
It is, if not respected, then at least an accepted community. It has no official leadership, but nonetheless, experienced individuals within the community has gained enough respect that their words carries more weight than others: these are known as Rovers.

A brotherhood

The community sees itself as one tightly knitted group, whose members more often then not refer to each other as brother or sister, even though a few despises the custom. Those few will however not deny that the Lost Scavengers need each other, as so many outside the community hardly tolerate them and sees them as insurgency elements and troublemakers. Quite a few L.S.C members only trust others of their profession and will actively avoid outsiders as much as they can.


Asking any Lost Scavenger why they choose this particular dangerous career path, and most will definitely answer with:
"Simple. Explore the presently enigmatic."  

Sorts of members

Some members are more reclusive than others, while others are more social. Some might hold more anti-Authority opinions than others, while some allies themselves with it from time to time for higher profits.


It has a few well established meeting places called Holes, where members of the L.S.C gather and share what they've found and seen in the Lost Levels.

Explore the presently enigmatic.

Guild, Adventuring
Lost Scavenger
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