Rite of Reunification

Creatd by Luna, Edited by Karl

Return me to the earth, from where we were once part of.
— A dying metalforged
The metalforged spend their lives replacing parts that become rusty or obsolete of themselves, effectively making them immortal in that aspect. However, when the magical core of a metalforged gives out it's last, the Rite of Reunification comes into play.   In the rites, there is no difference between the burial of a king or an important advisor or a soldier between the metalforged. There is no special treatment to anyone and they are all given the same treatment in the rites than anyone else.


When the core of a metalforged gives their last, their body is disassembled, the various parts of their body are reused, and given new purpose depending on the quality of these materials. The deceased body is divided into two different groups; salvageable parts and rusted parts. Significantly rusted parts are used to make a marker for the deceased metalforged for their burial, while parts that are still of good quality are put into storage for use in weapons, tools or even as parts of other metalforged.   The only part that is not repurposed in any way is the core. Instead, the core is buried exposed to the elements in the soil, effectively returning the stone to the earth, as the core represents the soul of a metalforged. By a form of instinct, they believe they should return to the earth, so that their people may benefit. As the magical properties of the core give in, it crumbles and becomes part of the same soil it is buried in.   A metalforged are able to design their grave marker prior to death and can dictate what their parts are specifically reused for. If a metalforged is unable to provide this information for whatever reason, the blacksmiths themselves decide what to do with both the marker and the good metal parts.

Exceptions & Special cases

The metalforged believe death is a very important part of life, and if anyone was living with them that is entirely composed of biological matter, they will be asked how do they want to be treated in death. The metalforged won’t do anything lavishly for them but will do their best to keep the gist of the desired rites the closest they can.   If the person dies before they can get such information, they are to be buried, and their marker is done with wood, instead of metal. Just like any other metalforged, they are to return to the earth.   They also believe denying a proper burial is necessary to punish those that deserve it. The metalforged have no quarrels to what each individual has done in life, as long as they don’t betray the group or their ideas and beliefs. If a traitor dies in their territory, their body and core are melted or destroyed, or done whatever process the blacksmiths decide to have the traitorous metalforged’s body go through. They are not buried nor given a marker.   Metalforged have no considered mass death, as they are peaceful species, but if there were ever to happen, all the parts of the metalforged that died would be melted away and their cores buried together. Same procedure for lack of space.


Metalforged blacksmiths both create armor, weapons, and tools for their people, and the closest thing the shurazan metalforged have to morticians. When a metalforged's core finally passes by any means, be it combat or just expiring, do the various smiths band together in removing the parts in an extremely efficient yet careful way, so as to not damage any of the parts. The blacksmiths often come to agreements on which blacksmith is going work on which salvaged recovered to repurpose them, should the deceased not wish for one blacksmith in particular to keep their parts. Meanwhile, the blacksmith apprentices are tasked with the creation of the marker with the rusted parts, as a way of learning how to respect their dead.   Only those close to the metalforged tend to actually be present for the funeral. These are often the deceased's next of kin or close friends from abroad. But alongside this, every single funeral is attended by Heracles himself, king of the metalforged, who cares not for protection. He is more than ready to use a rowboat himself in order to get to the next island where the burials are done.

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24 Aug, 2018 16:01

Are there any alterations to this ritual dependent on the standing of the metalforged? Would the burial of a king look any different than the burial of a simple soldier? What happens to somebody living amongst the metalforged who is made up of biological matter? Do they get the same treatment?

6 Jan, 2019 05:15

Thank you for the comment! Let me answer your questions (the article has been edited accordingly to the answers I give here ^^)
No, everyone receives the same treatment, they are all the same when they return to the earth. And no, if King Heracles himself were to die, he wouldn’t get a different burial than any of his soldiers.
The rite is very important to the melalforged, but they understand if not everyone has similar rites or if they have none; they would first ask this person about their own funeral rites. They would do their best to follow the rites of the religion/culture, etc, the person is from, but if they do not have this information, they would be buried and the marker would be done with wood, instead of metal. Just the same, left to return to the earth.

Thank you again for the comment! And I apologize for the very late answer >-<

24 Aug, 2018 20:41

I like it a lot because of the things it tells us about the Metalforged. They give me a sense of being a really tightly-knit group but also really practical, without losing their sentimentality. It made me curious enough to go read up on them too. :)     Some random thoughts I had while reading. Maybe they'll help!     Do they have any variants of this rite for cases of mass death or lack of space?     Is there any reason why one of the Metalforged might be denied burial like this?     Do they get a different sort of burial if they have been evil or traitorous or anything?     How does the logistics work with the king being present for all burials?     What happens to the core with time? Do they affect the soil where they are buried or just kind of harden into rocks or clumps of iron?

6 Jan, 2019 05:26

Hello Q, thank you for the comment and I apologize for the very late answer ^^''
Here are the answers to your questions and I edited the article taking them in account in the best way I could.
1. They do not, but if something like mass death would happen, all the parts would be repurposed and/or melted, even the rusty ones. And the cores would be buried together in one place.

2.If they are considered “traitors” by the metalforged. A traitor is denied the burial, their parts and core are considered taint, and both are destroyed, melted or any other way the blacksmiths can think of.

3.Being traitorous yes, being evil? No. Being traitorous means to go against the metalforged and to go against all they stand for. If one is evil but doesn’t go against this, then no, they don’t get any difference. Metalforged are not one to judge what one has done in life.

4. The king is more than capable of defending himself, and even sometimes goes ahead when having to go to a burial and the burials are done in a very close island, almost a rowboat away.

5.The core merely crumbles to dust and becomes part of the soil it is buried in.

  Thank you again for the comment :D!

24 Aug, 2018 22:12

The article really gives a view of the metalforged as a whole even without reading anything else about them! Lovely article overall.

6 Jan, 2019 05:26

Thank you! And thank you for your comment! ^^

25 Aug, 2018 00:21

I found myself asking enough questions about this race that I went and read their main article as well. I found this concept to be really unique and I really enjoyed what you've done with the Metalforged overall. Good work!

6 Jan, 2019 05:27

Thank you for the comment and I appreciate you liked them :D.