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What do you mean it's not pain incarnate?!

Written by kjack1111

Popularly known as Fire, and the third most common E-Block element, Thema is likely one of the most important elements to Physics, or even science in general. Due to several recent discoveries, the article will be formatted a bit differently then what some may have heard or know about the Element.   Thema is the element responsible for the transmission of energy between macroscopic entities in some kind of "Wave-Point Interaction". This means it's responsible for temperature and vision, and as a result is quite fundamental to the way the universe operates today. Not only is it a direct Aether Stabilization product, but the fusion or fission of elements generates Thema as a direct product, allowing Stars and Nuclear Fission Reactors to operate the way they do.   One aspect of Thema that is relevant to Alchemochemistry is the fact that the disassociation (complete fission) of Thema atoms releases energy in such a way that, when done near two atoms (distance varying on the two), Sub Aetheric Interactions are generated between the two. This creates a bond between the two atoms, allowing them to operate and move as a single entity. (Bonded atoms are known as "Molecules", which you may have heard of before, even in this book.)   The final thing to note is that Thema was recently discovered to have two semi-independent states of existance. The well-known Atomic state, and the recently discovered Wave-Particle interaction. While Alchemochemists will primarily only deal with the Atomic state, the "WPI" state is of far more interest to physicists, as it shares many similarities with simultaneously to two of the fundamental particles that existed before the shattering. This, while also explaining some engimatic properties of the Atomic state (such as the fact it always travels at 300,000km/s), may allow Physicists to peak into what Physics and Science was like before such an event.


Physical Characteristics

Stabilized Thema appears as a type of "edged" or "geometric" gas, moving erratically and colored with red to yellow gradients. One standing next to it would feel and everpresent burning sensation, akin to Fire but far more dramatic and severe.


Stabilized Thema is in fact some kind of transitional state between Plasma and Gas, and mixed half-and-half between the "Interaction" state and the "Atomic" state, as if it cannot decide which state it wants to be in both cases. Due to this mixture, it is incredibly good at transferring immense amounts of energy to other objects, allowing it to cut and burn with ease.


Themic Compounds (indicated by the suffix [x]thema, such as Monothema, Dithema, Trithema, up to Octathema) are generally very energy-rich (such as Themacarbons), with the ability to combust or burn with ease and fury.

Geology & Geography

Stabilized Thema can in no circumstance be formed naturally, with the possible exceptions of the inner cores of stars and some stellar remnants.

Origin & Source

Stabilized Thema is the main product of many energy-production methods today, be it Themic Difusion or Singularity Reactors. It's also the main exhaust component of many engines in production today. However, the pure version of this element is a potential byproduct (40/30/20/10) of stellar end-of-life events, and Atomic Aether decay, while also being a direct decay product of atomic Fission and Fusion.

Life & Expiration

Stabilized Thema, outside of proper containment or reactions, has about a thirty second half life,

History & Usage


Discovered around 260AJ, Crystalline Dithema has been known to the Galaxy since then. Due to several instability problems, it has not been considered a Strategic Resources due to a lack of applications, although it may develop into a form of Energy Production in the future.


Discovered around 260AJ, Crystalline Dithema was not properly identified until a Tychos Scientific Ship ran tests on a successfully retrieved sample around orbit of [To Be Done, Chaid Void] after many failed attempts. After which, the crew ran several experiments and ideas on it until they deduced that while the material held immense promise, it could simply not be used with current technological levels.

Everyday use

Civilians rarely come into contact with this Material, and if they do it's either through Black Markets or Scientific Work.

Cultural Significance and Usage

As it is a rarity with unknown capabilities, it's often used in early civilization's fiction as a sort of Themacarbon-like substance to provoke Wars and drive conflict. This traditionally falls out of use as a Culture discovers proper strategic materials.

Industrial Use

In Industry and Extreme Circumstances, it's either used as a store of energy or a very, very powerful explosive.


A carefully controlled Alchemic Destabilization process can liberate stored Tm2 units in the Crystalline form, although this is a highly impractile process. Future Development of the process may allow for more practical and widespread use to be formed, becoming a coveted Strategic Resource.

Manufacturing & Products

There is a process to recreate the conditions used to create Crystalline Dithema, and it is a surprisingly effective and practical process. In exchange with the development of Energy Extraction technologies, it could be used to store energy in the form of crystalline batteries in the future.


The Extraction of energy from Crystalline Dithema is an incredibly exothermic process (in part due to the fact the refined substance is pure heat or energy), presenting easy burn risks to those involved.


Trade & Market

Crystalline Dithema is considered by many nations and trade organizations as an exotic explosive, and it is usually heavily regulated as a result. The only two main roads to aquiring such a substance (without getting it yourself) are through Black Markets or Scientific Channels.


Crystalline Dithema is stable on its own, and it is actually preferable to store it without any containers to reduce the risk of a chain reaction destabilizing an entire load.

Law & Regulation

Imports of Crystalline Dithema are strictly monitored by many Import and Border guards, and having too much onboard is a good way to get turned around as it represents a major explosive risk. Even Black Market sellers are weary of handling the substance, even if it brings in absurd amounts of money.

Who the hell is K. Jack? Either way it's a Primordial translation so I really can't complain.


Crystalline Dithema goes for hundreds of millions of units of whole currency (x.00) on the black market, while Scientific Personnel usually get it for free or low cost.
Crystalline Dithema is incredibly rare, occuring on 0.00000015% of planets. (Around Fifteen billion worlds, only Two Hundred and Thirty Six of so identified.)
Directly Odorless.
Triggers the heat receptors in the tongue, similar to spice. However, there are cruicial differences, such as actually being heat.
Red-Orange-Yellow-White Animated Gradients.
1000 Kg/m3
Common State
Purely, Energy. In a compound, Themacarbons.

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