The Cold Death

The Cold Death is lives in the World of Deaths upon others. It represents freezing to death. Its snake represents the feeling of the cold slowly crawling up under your skin like venom. It has the alchemist symbol for night written on its crown, and its snake has the alchemist symbol of purification.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Cold Death comes without a body. Instead, it comes in only bones, which is also the only thing that will be left of you when they find you.

Body Features

The cold death is only a torso skeleton and a skull. Under its torso, there are a handful of bones floating around. It has no contact to the ground.
The Cold Death's snake is cyan and blue. Despite looking like it had scales, its eyes are absolutely hollow. The blue swirls around its body make it barely visible in ice and cold water, just like the Cold Death is only barely visible until it is too late - when it is already very near.

Apparel & Accessories

The Cold Death - just like all Deaths - wears a crown. Its crown is completely made out of packed ice, with the alchemist symbol of night - which is the coldest time of the day - written onto its front.
The Cold Death also wears a blanket as a cape, to symbolize what you could have used to protect yourself from it. The cape magically sticks on its body, although the string is bound around no neck.

Current Location
World of Deaths
Biological Sex
Hollow and Black
1.8 m
11 kg (9 kg without snake)
Known Languages


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