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Ossandra White

A crafty, Christian, self-proclaimed Jill of all Trades with too many tasks and too little time. Ossandra was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has a passion for helping and teaching others all while continuing to learn, grow, and develop herself. She embarks on many creative endeavors as she vehemently fights off perfectionism with a ragged newspaper printed with the words "Just Do Stuff". She has published a few novels, non-fiction blog posts, a podcast, and a plethora of audio dramas, most of which are set in the mild-scifi world of Secret Agent Someone, her current main project. In addition to this tale, she has several other ideas from every kind and genre crawling around in her mind clawing to get out. With her busy work schedule, livestreaming on Twitch, catching up on freelancing gigs, voicing and editing audio, and weekly allotted hour of sleep, she's not sure how many she will actually be able to give proper justice. This is why she settled on dishing out a taste of each of them when she can through short stories, several of which she shares in various writing communities with people all over the world.

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