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How to Create a World Anvil Classroom Account

Our No Stress Writing classroom was built using the World Anvil platform. A free account is required in order to attend our classes.

This simple guide will walk you through the step by step process of creating a free account. If you already have an account, sign in here.

Step 1

Visit World Anvil's landing page through this link. Then, click the "CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT" button.

Step 2

Next, you will need to fill in your email address, create a username, come up with a password, and re-enter that same password for assurance. Once these items have been properly completed, check the box that agrees to World Anvil's Terms of Service and Etiquette before clicking the "REGISTER" button. The pictures below give you an example of what to do. If you are uncertain what username to choose, you can make it your first and last name smashed together, your author pen name, or any other unique identifier you can think of.

Step 3

You can click the "Let's choose your role!" button without paying much attention to the other irrelevant information on the page.

Step 4

On this next screen, you should choose the "TABLETOP RPG PLAYER" option. You are probably a writer because you are interested in this No Stress Writing Academy but, for ease and simplicity, PLEASE SELECT THE TABLETOP RPG PLAYER option so that you are not bombarded with overwhelming prompts to create a world on World Anvil. If you would like to explore World Anvil further as a creator, you can always change your path in the settings at another time. We even teach a class on how to get started at World Anvil. For now, however, let's focus on making your enrollment into the No Stress Writing Academy as stress-free as possible. :)

Step 5

Select your preference. Would you rather the theme of the page be in dark mode or light mode? Please note that this will only affect the look of your World Anvil login and account page. It will not change the appearance of the No Stress Writing Academy.
step 6.png

Step 6

Choose your editor preference. This really doesn't matter at the moment because you will not be editing anything through World Anvil for the No Stress Writing Academy. Click any choice so that you may proceed to the next screen.

Step 7

Click "No" to the email notifications. These will come from World Anvil as a platform and not the No Stress Writing Academy. If you change your mind and become more interested in World Anvil, you can always opt into emails through the settings.

Step 8

Almost done! This screen says to "CREATE YOUR CHARACTER". You can name your character anything. It could be your name, a trademarked character, a pet, or even some gibberish words. You won't be doing anything with this character in World Anvil for the No Stress Writing Academy, so this step isn't important, but you have to enter something so that you can click the "Create a Character" button and advance to the final page.

Step 9

YOU'RE ALL SET! Click the "Begin your adventure!" button so that the popup will go away.

Step 10

Once you see this screen, you can close out the page and return to

Cover image: Magic writing by Deleyna via Midjourney


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