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How to Create a World Anvil Classroom Account

How to Create a World Anvil Classroom Account

To access the classes, you don't need to answer all of the World Anvil account setup questions. You only need to set up your username and password.

First, follow this link. It is an affiliate link, but don't worry, there's no charge for the free account. This just lets them know you came with me to World Anvil.

Look for the big "Create your free account" button and click it.

On the next screen, enter your email address, create a username and password, enter the password again, check the box to accept terms and etiquette guidelines and then press "Register."

Once it saves, close that browser tab and you should be back here and ready to sign up for a class!

Cover image: Sketch of a University by Deleyna via Midjourney


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