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Amy Winters-Voss

Amy Winters-Voss, also known as Shyredfox, is the author of the urban fantasy, redemption and found family series The Liminal Chronicles set in magical, mythical Japan.   She’s written guest posts at the writing blog Writers in the Storm on being respectful when writing about cultures and people groups we are not a part of and ensuring we slow down and take care of ourselves. At Anime Central Online she gave the presentation “Yakuza: Facts and Fallout”, about the Japanese mob and how difficult it is to leave the criminal underworld. Durning WritersCONduit she was a panelist for topics such as beta readers, press and media kits and social media presence for authors, and respectfully bringing fairytales and mythology into your writing.   Amy adores Japan and visits the incredible country with its amazing people and unique culture as often as she can. Textile arts are her go-to hobbies. Her favorite craft is nalbinding, an ancient yarn craft much older than knitting.   She and her husband adopted two wily and adorable ferrets, named Pocky and Mochi, after the kids grew up.


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