Silas Silver IX

Silas Odysseus Silver IX, also known as Old Silas, was a right old bastard. He married seven times, was a terror to his two children, and set in motion events that would forever alter the Silver family.


The son of Silas Silver VIII and Esther Young, Silas IX was born 11 May 1844 and lived to be 100 years old. Though he married seven times, it wasn’t until his seventh wife gave birth to their son Elijah that Old Silas fulfilled his mother’s wishes to carry on the family name.


The identity of the first wife of Old Silas is a spoiler for the novella The Seven Wives of Silver. Hover over the black bar below to find out who he married before he married anyone else.



  1. Tamson O’Rourke. 1862–1864.
  2. Patience. 1865–1870.
  3. Charity. 1870–1890.
  4. Ada. 1890–1892.
  5. Anne Carson. 1895.
  6. Maggie. 1900–1910.
  7. Annie O'Reilly. 1913–1915.

1844 - 1944 (Died 100 years old)


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