Bad Poetry Night

Write the worst poem you can in five minutes or less!

This was the challenge put to writers at the late, great Bradford College in the 1990s during a series of “Bad Poetry Nights,” and it’s a challenge that Bradford alum E. Christopher Clark picks up here in his first collection of verse.

Whether he’s writing about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir invading the dreams of Donald J. Trump, mashing up Herman Melville and the Monkees, or investigating Kurt Vonnegut’s hatred for the semicolon, Clark does it with panache.

Come get “Drunker Than Dickinson,” learn what leads to “The Blossoming of Ayn Rand,” and discover who E. Christopher Clark has dubbed “El Pendejo de Los Angeles” in Bad Poetry Night.


Table of Contents

  1. Foreword to BAD POETRY NIGHT
  2. Frail Words, Frail Deeds
  3. Turn
  4. An Old Danish Goat
  5. It Is Over, Four Leaf Clover
  6. A Penny for Your Penii
  7. We Could Be Heroes
  8. Ain’t No Ahab
  9. Missing in Action
  10. The Harbor
  11. Null
  12. Summer Loving
  13. Autumnus
  14. Daddy, Drunk at Christmas
  15. The Blossoming of Ayn Rand
  16. Drunker Than Dickinson
  17. Dude
  18. El Pendejo de Los Angeles
  19. Appetite for Deppstruction
  20. Potty
  21. I Love You Dearest, Dearest
  22. Luck of the Draw
  23. Yellow Swim Trunks on the Lime-Green Grass
  24. Untitled
  25. Supernatural Selection
  26. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
  27. Little Saint Nick
  28. Sanctity
  29. Gee Whiz, It's Christmas
  30. Accidental Rhyme
  31. All They Do Is Show You've Been to College
  32. Statue
  33. Sonnet 4/28
  34. Any Other Day
  35. Debris
  36. Ode

Bad Poetry Night - WA.jpg

Author: E. Christopher Clark

Published: 24 April 2018


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