All He Left Behind

The men of All He Left Behind range from the loathsome to the lustful, the lascivious to mischievous. But one thing unites the heroes and villains of these eleven short stories: whether lost or forgotten, the secrets to solving their pasts prove elusive.


“Ian” tells the story of a vulnerable young actor, and the father who wounded him. “The Silver Family Singers” offers a glimpse behind the feast of music that was the childhood soundtrack of teenaged Tracy Silver (the heroine of Missing Mr. Wingfield). “After the Prom” and “One Last Time” tell the tale of Tracy’s uncle Matt, a defiant would-be writer whose lust for hot men is equaled only by his passion for the truth. And in “The Tale of Old Silas,” a prequel to the novella The Seven Wives of Silver, you’ll find the origin story of the loathsome codger whose hate for his children set the stage for every heartache that followed.


Table of Contents

  1. The Seventh Draft
  2. The Tale of Old Silas
  3. Metal Night at the Roller Kingdom
  4. Al and Rob
  5. Robin: The Word on the Ceiling
  6. After the Prom
  7. One Last Time
  8. Carl
  9. Ian
  10. Tomorrowland
  11. The Silver Family Singers

All He Left Behind cover

Author: E. Christopher Clark

Published: 7 September 2010


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