Byai'a is one of the first chromaphages born with sapience. He learned quite early that certain individuals of his chosen host group, the Zhilé, had great amounts of power over others of the culture. With this in mind, he gradually worked his way through the populace, manipulating and coercing his hosts, until he was able to take as host the king of the time.   Once within the king's mind, he took a very low profile, even going to the extent of starving himself so the king wouldn't discover him. All through this time, he would implant thoughts into the king's head; suggestions which ultimately led to the vilification of the Taka'raiti and subsequent pogroms against them.   After transferring himself through the royal line for a few generations, he finally made himself known to his host. At this time, the Taka'raiti were actively being hunted, and he was able to use the fear of discovery to control the king and take rule for himself. He solidified the boundaries of the Zhilé kingdom and began a period of fortification, preventing free border crossing and painting an image of foreign savages who would destroy the kingdom if they could. This gave him a captive population to do with as he pleased, and he was able to cement his rule through that king's lifetime.   As time went on, he began to grow bored with his Zhilé subjects and desired some of his own to rule over, so he gradually brought his next host over to his own persuasion and found an amitious ally to match his own desires. Together, he and the king falsified a divine visitation that resulted in the formation of the Knights of the Sun, a militant priesthood ostensibly dedicated to discovering and destroying all chromaphage activity in the realm. The higher levels of this order were infected with other sapient chromaphages brought in for "destruction", as these were more common than when Byai'a was born. As the priesthood's power grew, they began to expand beyond the Zhilé borders, seeking more subjects for their king to rule.


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