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CHG/Central Human Gov't. "Where we at and how we at here?"

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The CHG is the Central Human Government. Enemies include; uhhh I'm not typing that down that's a lot of enemies. Okay I'll type down the big ones; LIR, United Incursion, the Great Khanate, the New Old One Empire and a tonne of others.

Anyways, humanity's got some slick tech that lets them do things like break the law of the conservation of matter/energy so that's cool. They've also got portals, space folding, access to several other dimensions, the ability to take apart and put back together atoms down to the energy with the exactness of a... exurb1a video in the art of either making me want to die or conquer the planet? Life still manages to suck for most people, though.

Anyways, this will be covering humanity's journey from on the verge of being conquered by a group of under-trained, drugged up and ill aliens (all at once, by the way. Humanity what are your combined armies doing how are you losing to these guys just because their equipment is so much better!?) to building entire Earth like planets in less than a year on average (okay fine they use another dimension to cheat time itself but even that is pretty noteworthy) and bringing down a beyond ancient empire consisting of a species that had been spending its existence genociding everything left and right.

Yep, down to every last war, every last major technological advancement (but most of them were made by an AI named Jeff), always from the viewpoint of the CHG having just emerged victorious against the New Old One Empire.