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Draven's home

His place sucks and is pretty average for most living within ultra cities like New New Paris

Purpose / Function

Housing citizens who pay rent to a landlord.


Made of a lovely grey concrete-like substance with the only cooking appliance in the kitchen/dining room/living room and the only decoration being there due to the kids stealing crayons and other drawing gear from school and messing with them onto the walls.


There is only 1 way in other than the windows and that is the door.

Sensory & Appearance

Stanky. Usually very dark as the lighting is of poor quality and the windows never get any sunlight going into them because they face Northwards.


Draven and his aunt, uncle and cousins. There used to be a rat problem but the placing of rat traps in many places eventually left them unwilling to enter this building among the others.

Contents & Furnishings

Pretty much everything inside of it is stolen from the Rich Tips and due to this is extremely varied but always at least partially damaged.


The closest stuff to treasure are the hidden technological goodies in Draven's room.

Hazards & Traps

None of the floor is carpeted. The floor is made of concrete. There's often stuff lying around, perfect for tripping on.

Special Properties

Being mega depressing.


A 2-meter-tall floor was added by expanding into the empty space between two floors (which was there to be used by electricians etc for when problems came up).


It's a cuboid among countless other cuboids within a massive block. Very plain: no decorations of any kind.


The block was built 40 years prior to Draven's birth to house a massive number of people and sold to a rich family by the government, which then sold various apartments to various other landlording companies to extract money from those living in the houses.

Alternative Names
"A wee s**thole"
Parent Location
New New Paris
Environmental Effects
Usually quite cold and dry. Gravity will sometimes become 60% of what it usually is when a gravi-train whizzes past.
Dreveni "Draven" "Finger-Munch" Holowitz
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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