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Bestiary Table of Contents / Necrophages / Ghouls - Bestiary / Alghouls

An alghoul's basically a badarse ghoul
— – Yarpen Zigrin, dwarven warrior

Alghouls differ from normal ghouls in size, strength, coloring and, most importantly, intelligence. Whereas ghouls and graveirs are primitive creatures unfit to plan even the simplest ambush, alghouls and their kindred (such as cemetaurs) are capable of forethought, and are thus much more dangerous.  
Ghouls seem to possess wits enough to at least know a brighter mind when they see it, and so let alghouls and cemetaurs lead their packs. A pack so led will terrorize all in its path, attacking not only lone travelers but also caravans and even farmsteads. When encountering such a pack the alghoul should be eliminated as a first priority, leaving the other beasts for once their leader is gone. One be particularly careful when fighting alghouls around dusk and at night, when they fight with doubled strength.  
During combat alghouls and cemetaurs try risky maneuvers aimed at knocking their opponents to the ground so the others can finish the job by tearing them to shreds. Like a normal ghoul, an injured alghoul can fall into a frenzy and attack with blind fury. An experienced Cyfnos knows to get out of its way on such occasions and strike from behind, while for an inexperienced Cyfnos, such a turn of events often marks the end of his Path.


Tier 3: Upgrade thrice (ccd)




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Alghoul (Rival)

4 4 2 3 2 1
5 28 0 0 0
  • Skills:
    Brawl 1 (cddd)
    Survival 1 (cdd)
  • Talents: MOV: 9
  • Abilities:
    Enraged Regeneration: Once the Ghoul has reached 14 Wounds (15 wounds until incapacitation) it becomes enraged, at beginning of its turns when enraged, the Ghoul automatically heals 3 wounds.
    Alghoul Spines:When considered enraged, an Alghoul's spines emerge, when attacked by melee, an Alghoul can spend hh or d to stagger the attack, making the attack effectively miss. This also increases the Alghoul's Melee Defense by 1.
    Silver Anathema: For 2 aa a silver weapon may inflict its base damage as additional damage on a successful attack.
    Twilight and Darkness: A ghoul's attacks are upgraded by 1 at night and dusk.
  • Equipment:
    Piercing Scream: Range [Medium] ; (dd) Resilience/Discipline check, fail; character is staggered for 1 turn ; Ghouls within Short Range become Enraged ; Slow firing 2
    Rip & Tear: Brawl; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Engaged] ; Vicious 1

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