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Valcoranium is an incredibly light, dense and ultrahard metal found on Cadmeia only. It was named for the first man to land on Cadmeia, Soras Valcoran. It is a volcanic metal formed many millions to billions of years ago by huge volcanic eruptions during the dawnlight and ecliptican epochs.Due to its rarity it is only used by Cadmeians and the other inhabitants of the worlds of the gehennian gate in small amounts.Due to its extremely high tensile strenght as well as low thermal conductivity and very high pressure and corrosion resistance, it is a prime material for thr cadmeian blood dragons.The armor of the Cadmeian blood dragons regiment usually make use of a layer of titanium on top with Lower layers being composed of Valcoranium.It is also used in thr construction of vehicles and military aircraft as well as warships.Another of its uses is to make the reinforced buildings of the fortress cities if large amounts of them are availiable in the area.


Physical Characteristics

In its pristine state Valcoranium looks like a Dark red metal.It is smooth to touch yet very hard.The metal is usually warm to the touch as it was formed underground.


Valcoranium is extremely light,dense,strong and warm to the touch. It is very reactive however,needing complex methods of seperation like electrolysis


Valcoranium is an element that is used to make advanced supermaterials wehm alloyed with sanguinium and Gehennium.These complex supermaterials are usually reserved for the highest grade of armor availiable to only a few divisions at most.

Geology & Geography

Valcoranium is a volcanic material and is found in the volcanic provinces of Cademia like Sidonia.The The blood shadow mountains is known to contain huge amounts of Valcoranium and thus the settlements in the phantomhurst valley are the largest producers amd miners of valcoranium and use it as construction materials.

Origin & Source

Valcoranium is mostly found in the underground as Valcoranite.This is Valcoranium mixed with oxygen and sulphur.

History & Usage


Valcoranium was initially shipped off world for structures that needed to survive high pressure and high temperature environmental conditions. However soon it was made use of in military purpose and its true usefulness came out. Cadmeia soon became the most important and only producer of Valcoranium and became a major player in both interplanetary and interstellar trade. In the present day Valcoranium is still used to make most of the military hardware and is also used to reinforce the basaltic buildings of cadmeia


Valcoranium is named after Soras Valcoran, the first cadmeian and the discoverer of this element

Everyday use

In the everyday military life of cadmeia, valcoranium is a key element

Cultural Significance and Usage

Traditionally Valcoranium is used to make special ritual swords that are passed down to high ranking soldiers as a symbol of authority. What makes these swords so unique is that they are specially made with void infused valcoranium alloyed with sanguinium, the only known element that can readily conduct psychic and void energy. this makes it possible for the swords to cut through almost any material known to both man and xenos

Industrial Use

Industrially Valcoranium is used for high grade Armor production for bloodmarines and shadowmarines in the areas around cadmeia. It is also used in the manufacture of vehicles and starships and also in the Armor or high ranking vindicator. As well as this one of its most important uses is its use as a key element in the manufacture of experimental super materials that have even more strength and lightness and can also conduct psychic energies as well.


At its normal state Valcoranium is found as Valcoranium oxide or VaO3. For refining this reduction which is also used for iron refining is used

Manufacturing & Products

The base products produced by Valcoranium are usually small scale military hardware like individual pieces of guns and Armor. For more complex military hardware , Valcoranium is alloyed with many other metals and materials to give the perfect mix of effectiveness to the armor


Despite being a heavy element Valcoranium has not dangerous affect on human or animal health

Reusability & Recycling

Valcoranium is a very recyclable material. In times of war, cadmeian soldiers have broken down entire vehicles and pieces of equipment just to get Valcoranium back and used it for fortification and making new vehicles


Trade & Market

Valcoranium is usually sold by the cadmeian regiments and traders to offworld regiments at a high price due to its abilities. Despite this offworld regiments always appreciate cadmeian military goods and soldiers and also gladly purchase whatever Valcoranium they can


Valcoranium has to be kept under airtight containers in order to prevent corrosion and rusting


Very expensive offworld
cold metal
Blood red
Boiling / Condensation Point
10000 degrees celsius boiling point.Below that it condenses
Melting / Freezing Point
Melting point is 50000 degrees celsius.Below that is the freezing point
Very dense
Common State
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7 Dec, 2018 09:56

I like the idea a lot, though I have a question: Is it gonna be used for some extremely important item in the story? It would be so cool if you made a tile for the element (that looks like it's in the periodic table) and placed it up where the current white pic is now :D Good job Claw!

24 Jan, 2019 06:58

"¬†high tensile strenght as well as low" And "wehn" in compounds. Other than that I think your good grammatically. I think the material is pretty good. I would say solid but itd be to hard to pull that pun off....   Anyway, so if the material is as dense as it says why layer titanium over it? Why create an alloy? This isn't to say the idea is pointless, rather the opposite. You don't need to fix what isn't broke, so did something happen? So it says that its mixed because a company is the only known material to conduct void and psychic. If efficiency is key just what is it that cab break through these conponabts on their own? I feel like its picky but at the same time it may inspire or maybe there is something in another article I can be led too lol all in all its pretty good. The real question is its corrosion. What causes it to corrode? Is it oxidized like iron does or is there something else. Does it still rust after being refined and forged?