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The city of Valcoran

Valcoran is the planetary capital of cadmeia and it’s largest city.It is a gigantic fortress city built on top of a mountain and houses 20 million inhabitants inside it.More of a fortress than a city,Every corner of the city is fortified with heavy auto cannon and missile turrets dotted around every corner.All the citizens are part of the Valcoran city watch and it is protected by gigantic void shield generators powered by void energy and helium 3


The population of Valcoran like most other cities of cadmeia is divided on 3 Social classes based on military and these are from top to below Officers-Lieutenants and above NCOs-Non commissioned officers Soldiers-regular soldiers The leader of the city is also the planetary commander of cadmeia and usually the oldest and most veteran soldier in the military,Having fought many decades or even centuries fighting against the forces of the breaker.There are doctors and engineers and they all have smart automatons to help them in their professions


Valcoran was built to withstand a siege from orbit and a much larger army.Outside the city lie large farms heavily guarded by combat automatons and regular soldiers.Military factories inside the city spew out military equipment 24/7 and for that resources come from the mines inside the mountain.The main entrance to cadmeia is a blast proof door which is nearly impenetrable.Massive fusion reactors are located jn the northern part of the city which provide limitless energy to its inhabitants.Tall spires of darkened glass rise above the other buildings,Their tops loaded with gigantic artillery batteries to decimate any invading army as well as their war machines.Close to the centre lies huge void shield generators that protect the city from attack from orbit.At the very centre of the city lies the command centre where the force commander of the city lives.This is the largest building in the city and also the most heavily guarded with at least 20 regiments being stationed there at all times.
Alternative Name(s)
The bloody city
Large city
20 million
Inhabitant Demonym
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13 Feb, 2019 05:58

Don't forget to space after a period. Youre getting better tho. There's less her than before :)   I like it but you are at a disadvantage with me when it comes to locations and geography. I really have issues with them both critiquing and writing. Idk why but for whatever reason they just don't get me in. Thisnisnt your issue by no means. It's structured well and reads well. I see no real issues with it. The problem I have with critiquing then is usually its the same question. Who lives here, why, and what are like? Its a milkitary city but what does that do to its culture and history. Places are just like characters. A city is nothing without its population. A good example is millitary bases in many countries. They have a culture and even though they are military demogralhics, ther sis so much more to them. You got recreation for the soldiers I. their downtime but also their families, you have markets that are millitary and family only, so many things lol. this is a common thing I see but fixing it adds alot of words and extends the article alot so most poeple separate them. I wouldnt or at the very least out more info on em. It's a great article it just lacks punch? flavor? Character? You get what I mean. It's not on you at all and I don't want you to think I'm being harsh. This is the hardest template for me so alot of this is as much for me as it is for you lol