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Runeseers are the name given to the engineers of the cadmeian blood dragons regiment who are responsible for maintaining the technology of the blood dragons regiments.They are quite unique in the fact that they serve the role of both machine chaplain and technical engineers of the cadmeian blood dragon regiments.Higher ranking runeseers are allowed to oversee or take part in the construction of fortresses,base camps,outposts,garrisons,and the large fortress cities



To become a runeseer one needs to go through the runeseer course offered at the cadmeian armed forces university.As part of their two year training they are taught the basics of engineering and machine chaplainship.After they have graduated they join in the ranks of the blood dragons runeseers and further degrees are available for learning more about runeseeing and as a part of the higher ranking studies available to larger ranks of runeseers

Career Progression

When a runeseer first joins in the ranks of the blood dragons he is a blooded warrior,the lowest rank that is given immediately upon joining the blood dragons as a runeseer.As he advances to the next rank of the runeseers he gets the power over a squad of regular runeseers and can take a large part in the construction of a small garrison.The next rank has an entire company under his/her order and can oversee the construction of a garrison and take part of the construction of an outpost.The next rank is even more powerful and can oversee the construction of an outpost and take part of that in a fortress city.They are also part of the runeseers guild that oversees the entire runeseer part of the blood dragons.The highest rank is the next one of Arch overseer who can oversee the construction of an entire fortress city and upgrade its defences as well as being a major player in the construction of factories and other buildings useful for the war effort



Around 2 out of 10 people become runeseers



the runeseers carry the normal weapons that most other cadmeian soldiers carry like the M40 stormbringer assault rifle and the ZMG 88 Draugr general purpose machine gun.They have a wrist computer in which is downloaded a nano circuit repair system that uses nano bots to fix damage and technical issues of a vehicle.the nano purger system is able to purge demonic malawate from corrupting the computer and vechile systems as well.They also have repair drones able to repair vehicles should their nano circuit repair tools fail


The supplies for the runeseers mostly consist of spare drones and repair components to repair weapons and and also parts to repair their nano circuit repair systems and their nano purging systems.they are also known for their helmets which consist of 3 blinking lights at the top.The colour of the light shows their rank of a runeseer.This piece of headgear allows them to automatically take damage readings of any piece of technology


The workplace of a runeseer is always filled with tools and the sounds of machinery as they are always on the move to improve the machines of war.A lot of runeseers also join in the research and development department to develop new weapons and machines of war to wage war against the forces of the breaker

Dangers & Hazards

The job of being a runeseer is a difficult one,much like being a doctor.First of all if they cannot calm a machine spirit,they will go mad and the machine itself will stop functioning.Second of all they maybe possessed by the demons possessing the machine by hopping to them.Last but not least,one single mistake of a runeseer can result in the death of a machine so they have to be very careful while repairing heavily damaged machines

The runeseers are a staple in the armed forces of cadmeia
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1 Dec, 2018 02:03

Very interesting! I love the uniqueness of the machines (are these things alive? are they sentient??), it definitely leads into wanting to know more about the next thing in your world. The career progression is a good pull, when you have time you might go back and expand on it! Add what they need to do to be promoted to the next rank, risks that might stall them, or even cause them to be demoted! The dangers seem like enough to ward off just about anyone from taking on this job, what are some reasons that would drive one to it? Money, respect? Over all a great article!

7 Dec, 2018 13:31

Nice article! It would be really great if you spaced out the Career Progression part and made small headers, it's a bit tough to read as it is now. But I really like the article and especially the info under Hazards, I'd love to know more about the machines.

26 Jan, 2019 18:39

Love the idea here. Molding magic and tech can be a difficult task and I love seeing it when its done. So by trade I'm a maintance guy, and not one of the lazy ones either. Fixing things and trying to understand how they function is what I do. It's important to not the difference between being an engineer and a mechanic. It appears these guys are a bit of both. They repair maintain, the job of a mechanic and they may very well design and build the machines. Idk how ur world works so this distinction mauly not be needed. The point is when reading this I immediately went into work mode. I asked myself how I as, someone who focuses more on the mechanic side of that distinction, would have to go about being one of the runeseers. What mechanics formula, measurements, tools, physical laws, and so many other features would be involved. Then to top that off how the idea of having to do in a war zone changes things. These are details that seem to be missing a bit from the article. You cover the broad strokes really well and I wanna know more about em. I want to know how they do the things they do. First hand accounts in quotes would do wonders in accomplishing that. So that's the conceptual part of this. Now to the content itself. I think its fairly solid though u give little info on why only 20% make it into the their ranks. Why so? Their job is dangerous but why don't they seem to make it out of training to do that job. Good article and I look forward to learning more about these guys!