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First Saurian war against the breaker

"We have endured so many tribulations together. But in the end, we have come out victorious through the sheer will of our brethren and the blessings of the gods themselves. Today, the gods themselves are supporting us! We shall defeat whatever foul threat corrupts our empire and banish it to whatever hellhole it crawled out of. Glory to Sauros!"   Salen Antioch, giving a speech during the climax of the war at the battle of Sauros!.
  The first Saurian war against the breaker, ( More commonly known as the first war by the Saurians themselves) is one of the deadliest and most impactful military conflicts in history. The war pitted the nascent superpower of the Saurian Empire against the forces of Kerr the breaker. In the end, the Saurians had won a pyrrhic victory over their demonic Adversaries only because of Salen Antioch and the timely arrival of The Alliance. The war would go ont to significantly alter the political history of the universe, with the Saurians joining the Alliance in their war against the breaker.

The Conflict


Near total extinction of the Saurian race and destruction of the Saurian civilization. The Saurian civilization had joined in The Alliance in order to protect the other races of the universe, rebuild its own empire and ultimately, contribute what they can to the ultimate cause of defeating the breaker.

Historical Significance


The conflict would go on to change the course of history forever. The Saurians had joined in the Alliance after slightly averting destruction by the forces of Kerr, and the events would go on to influence other races , events even billions of years after it was finished.  

Influences on the Saurian race

Billions of years after this conflict had concluded, it is still fresh in the minds of the Saurian race. Though only a handful of veterans from the war are still alive, the history books , stories, literature and other forms of art have helped this to live on for billions of years. The war is a source of great sadness for the Saurians due to the widespread destruction that happened and yet, it is a source of great pride that the Saurians still managed to survive and live to fight another day.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Around 3 billion BC
Ending Date
Around 3 billion BC
Conflict Result
Extreme Pyrrhic Victory for the Saurian Empire and The Alliance . Decisive defeat for the forces of @[Kerr](person:990b32ae-157a-45aa-96fb-f99ed


Saurian Empire

Led by


Almost the entirety of the Saurian race.


Near extinction of the Saurian race.


To delay the enemy long enough to allow the Saurians to regroup, counterattack and reclaim lost territory

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Before the conflict

" We were so prosperous, our empire being a burgeoning power and we had finally achieved our dreams of ruling the stars themselves. Then it all came crashing down. But we did triumph in the end as well. Our battle continues to this day, because we must vanquish this rotten cancer of the face of reality before we suffer a far worse fate than death"   Attributed to an unknown Saurian soldier
After the great Saurian unifcation war, the nascent Saurian Empire had gone through a stage of tremendous technological and developments in other fields. With their own version of FTL travel, the Saurians began colonizing the other star systems around their own and soon, spread across the entire Andromeda galaxy. Soon enough, they had become the dominant superpower in the galaxy, with most of it coming under their control. All that would end however, due to a horrifying discovery that would trigger one of the deadliest wars that the universe has ever seen.  

First contact

"We thought that Bellaria would yield great prospects to us, like all of the other worlds we had conquered. We couldnt be further from the truth. It only brought us ruin"   Attributed to one of the Saurian explorers who discovered the ancient temple dedicated to Kerr on the planet Bellaria.
During one of the colonization programs that were undertaken by the Saurian Empire, they had found a lush and fertile world that they had named Bellaria. As the colonization began, the Saurians noticed that all across the planet, there were strange gigantic structures which appeared to be temples dedicated to an unknown entity. The Saurians, eager to explore these strange structures, had started colonizing the planet. In a short time, they had already established themselves on the planet and were ready to explore the ruins. During the exploration of these structures, the Saurians had uncovered a lot of knowledge about the entity they were dedicated to. It had an effect on them however. As the expeditions progressed deeper into the temple, the expeditioners had started seeing visions, nightmares and hallucinations, most of them of a horrifying nature and related to the entity itself. In spite of this, the expeditions continued on and a large number of important relics were discovered and sent to other worlds to be researched, studied and experimented upon.  

The corruption begins

"Something truly sinister is at work here. Who is this "Lord Kerr" that the convicts keep speaking about? What does he truly want? What is he even planning to do? I feel as if another dark storm is about to descend onto our race my love. We must be aware and pray to the gods from the protection of whatever evil is tormenting our poor brethren"   Salen Antioch, to his wife Kirava on hearing about the increasingly violent situation on some of the worlds of the Empire
  After the expeditions had been concluded and the relics sent to other worlds to be studied, everything went again as normal, except for the members of the expedition. Not only did the nightmares and visions start growing even more frequent and far larger in scale, they also began to chant in a strange, gibberish language and some of them even murdered their close friends and family. When asked why they had done that during interrogations, they said that "Lord Kerr" had told them to do so and that they will continue.   This had clearly bewildered and also horrified the scholars, psychologists and law enforcement agencies. They had never even heard of anything remotely close to this entity that the convicts had been speaking of. To make matters worse, similar incidents were happening on the worlds where the relics obtained from the temple were sent to and on a far worse scale than Belaria. Time itself was against the empire and they needed to do something.   Acting on his Wits, Salen Antioch, emperor of the Saurians had decided to sign an order. The order stated that all those who were even remotely affected by this sickness were to be sent off to Belaria, alongside the relics that were excavated from the temples there and be destroyed alongside the entire planet, in a fail safe measure to save the Saurian race. Despite mass civil unrest, which was the first of its kind in the history of the empire considering that most Saurians had loved their emperor, the order was carried out and at once, entire fleets composed of prisoner ships and ones containing the relics in secure containers set out for Belaria.  

The War begins

"My brothers and sisters. What happened on Belaria is just the spark to what was happening all along. Dark times are upon us again. An enemy the likes of which we have never seen before threatens the very existence of our race. We must fight with all we have to protect our future as a race. The gods themselves are lending their aid again, but it is not a guarantee of victory. Rest assured, we can achieve it if we try hard, just as we managed to unite!. Long live the empire!"   A speech made by Salen Antioch on the
As the ships were approaching close to Belaria, another string of incidents began taking place on the ships themselves. In a desperate attempt to continue the corruption and subjugate all of Sauriankind, the corrupted Saurians began a fleet wide armed mutiny, waging violent action against their brethren and capturing the relics from the hands of the authority. Despite their valiant efforts and desperate tries at resistance, most of the authorities were either corrupted themselves or were killed by the corrupted Saurians.   After months of radio silence from the fleet, the Saurians decided to sent another, far larger fleet to investigate what happened to the crew, as well as finish their job if they had failed. Arriving in the Bellarian star system, they found the ships intact, albeit heavily altered into strange and nightmarish forms.   As they had moved into investigate what was happening, a gigantic rift into reality itself suddenly opened and from it, came out demons, the very creatures of Kerr himself. Whilst the fleet was annihilated this time as well, it managed to inflict significant casualties amongst the demons and their allies and delay them long enough to send a message to the wider Empire . At once, all of Sauriankind began mobilizing, in order to protect their race and loved ones. With many other rifts opening up all acros the empire, the Saurians knew that this was a battle for the survival of their entire race.  

Course of the war.

As the war progressed, the Saurians had fought many large battles against their adversaries, in which they managed to inflict significant losses and delay the enemy on their approach to the Saurian homeworld of Sauros. Despite this, the Saurians slowly lost more and more Territory and soldiers. After many years of gruesome and bitter fighting, the forces of Kerr had finally arrived at the gates of Sauros.  

Battle of Sauros

"This will not be the end of us. No. We will triumph over this. Mark my words brother. We did achieve victory when the darkest clouds of defeat were over us, and we shall achieve it too this time. By the ancient gods, we will win this war."   Attributed to Salen Antioch during the battle of Sauros.
As the forces of Kerr enroached to wards the Saurian homeworld, all the other worlds of the empire except the ones in the home system of Sauros were abandoned and their garrisons were called back to Sauros to defend the last bastion of Sauriankind against their nightmarish enemies.   As the battle of Sauros began, the Saurians had managed to inflict massive losses on the forces of Kerr and repulsed many of their attacks. Their defense in depth strategy combined with the dynamic leadership of Salen had allowed the Saurians to defend their homeworld to their last dying breath. Even then, the demonic forces were too powerful and were ravaging what remained of the empire Salen had built with all his hard work.   Whilst the battle was shifting to the homeworld of Sauros, Salen was suddenly hit by a shell from an enemy warship as he stood observing the battle. The shell had killed everyone around him and mortally wounded him. In his dying moments, Salen had thought about his lifelong lover and partner, Kirava and of the dark future that lay ahead of them. However, Salen had begun hearing a voice in his head. It was the voice of Mortarius, the titan who had promised Salen that all would be well. In a matter of moments, Salen had transformed into the living incarnation of Mortarius, and soon set out to defeat the forces of Kerr.  

The tide turns

  As Salen had discovered his newfound powers, help had arrived in another form as well. The Aenarri and Lycan, had arrived to the home system of the Saurians, after witnessing large scale reports of Demonic activity across the entire Andromeda galaxy. With their help and Salens newfound powers, the Saurians had successfully beat back their enemies. Salen and his brethren had lived to see another day.  


"If what you say is true, then i shall pledge not only my life, but the life of my entire race for this cause. The breaker cannot be defeated alone, not by any means. And if even if we still do unite every last uncorrupted soul in this galaxy to our cause, we only have the slightest chances of defeating him"   Salen Antioch, talking to Idraesil Harvanesh about the events that had occured as well as discussing about Kerr.
In the immediate aftermath of the battle of Sauros, the empire was in ruins. Virtually every Saurian was either dead or dying.   Though they had won, all the effort of the Saurians over the centuries were undone. At a meeting between the mysterious Xenos that had saved the Saurians, Salen had decided to join in The Alliance on the term that the Alliance would help them to rebuild. After the Saurians had rebuilt most of their empire back, they began taking an active part again in combating the breakers influence wherever it was found, and billions of years later, they continue their work with dedication, for they know that the breaker will not be defeated so long as all the races of the universe are not united.


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Hi Redclaw, it's your friendly feedback wizard here to give you some important feedback on your article on the Saurian War.   I like this article so much! The images really give the race-against-time vibe that I believe you were aiming for, as well as showing the horrors of that war. I mean, the Saurians were almost wiped out. It also gives you a very fertile area for creating stories, as I am sure there are other war heroes out there besides Salen.   Just a note: the "Prelude" and "Before the Conflict" sections are identical. Like, copy-paste identical. I'd dump the prelude and the aftermath sections entirely, and add the legacy version at the end. Of course, it's up to you.   Also, I would put images at the end of a section or as a side image (use those img|left and img|right BBCodes) having them right underneath titles makes it hard to remember what a section is about.   Otherwise, great article and a lot of great information. I would love to know more about the reconstruction portion, and how it has affected modern-day Saurian society. But all-in-all, I really enjoyed reading this.   See you around Redclaw :D