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Complex Gamma Orion

The military complex known as Gamma orion was the principal site of void research on cadmeia. It was here that the first void based weaponry for imperial starships were developed. Besides this the facility also is a training center for psychics across cadmeia and offered some of humanitys first insights into psychics and the void.Constructed around the time of the first summer this complex is also the most heavily fortified and guarded building barring the settlements of cadmeia. Anywhere from 2 to 30 regiments of soldiers are stationed at Gamma Orion at any time.Many of the planetary governors of Cadmeia who were psychics studied in this facility.As of the year 2976 the facilities director was Brigadier General Edward Angelos.

Purpose / Function

Gamma Orion was originally meant to be a void research station.As time went by and psychics were discovered the complex became a training center for psychics as well.


The rooms are all usally rectangular rooms.The ceilings and floors and everything else is made with basalt reinforced with titanium and carbon steel.


The facilitiy has four gates.The northern gate is the largest and is large enough for a small titan around 60 metres in height to pass through.Each of the gates are made of blast proof supermaterials that can withsand the main gun of a hydra super heavyt dropship.They are protected by soul locks that require the soul signature of loyalist federation soldiers to open them.At least two goliaths are at patrol at all times on these gates.

Sensory & Appearance

When people enter the complex for the first time they are struck in awe by the immense size of it.The complex is always brightly lit.Their is always the pleasant smell of fresh air inside the ofrtress as the denizens take great care to welcome thier guests.Unlike the outside world the inside is always presently warm.


There are around 10 regiments on average guarding the complex.Besides this the great ice dragon Nix also defends the place from anuy attack as his nest is also close in the mountains.Traitors always wait for nix to leave until they strike


Since the time of its construction and to the present day the complex has been expanded from a small station to the size of a small city.


The facilities architecthure heavily resembles that of the old empire of Rome on Old earth. Basalt from the nearby mountains was used in the construction of the facility.The decorations usually include posters announcings of different events on the complex itself.The walls are ornately decorated with Dark red colours and the floor is painted dark red as well.

Military base / complex
Owning Organization
The Imperial Terran Federation

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2 Dec, 2018 09:44

Looks good and reads well. I especially love the inclusion of the sensory information! I'd never thought of including that information in a dedicated section, but I might test that out :D Great job- and interesting facility! Keep it up, hun <3