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Cadmeian Gryphon.

" I saw the creature coming towards me slowly, bowing its head when it did approach me. Never in my life had i seen such a more majestic creature than these Gryphons".   Soras Valcoran, upon seeing a gryphon for the first time
  The Cadmeian Gryphon is the largest avian creature that has taken flight to the turquoise skies of Cadmeia. Dwarfing any other flying animal except the fabled Cadmeian dragons , these beasts are known as the lords of the skies, flying across the landscape of Cadmeia in large packs. They are also known for being very friendly to human beings and many Gryphons are kept as pets by the Cadmeians.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Cadmeian Gryphons have very muscular and streamlined shapes that allow them to fly easily through the air. To combat the high gravity of Cadmeia, the Gryphons have developed an extremely powerful skeletal and muscular system. Their large wingspan combined with their extremely powerful wing bones and muscles allow them to reach high levels of speed whilst in flight.

Genetics and Reproduction

Cadmeian Gryphons usually lay their eggs on large nests in rocky cliff faces. The babies are cared for by their mother after they hatch and till they become adults, by which point they begin serving their brood or go off on their own

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most of the mountainous regions of Cadmeia including the Northern Highlands and the Fjellheim mountains have high concentrations of Gryphons

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gryphons are associated with sniper and marksmen in the federation and for good reason. Their eyesight is better than that of any other animal on Cadmeia, being able to spot a human from miles away. This, combined with their ability to see in the infrared, ultraviolet and void spectrums allow them to get in sight of their prey even before they notice.

download (18).jpg
A Cadmeain Gryphon
Scientific Name
Gryphonicus Sublimis
200 years
Conservation Status
Gryphons are an extremely rare animal after the destruction of Cadmeia
Average Height
5 to 200 metres
Average Weight
100 kg to 200000 kg
Average Length
ranges from 10 metres to over 1000 metres

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