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" Others might think that this frozen hellhole is useless. That there isn't anything of use to them here. But our race calls this world home. It was our first refuge and home after the sundering. We are born and cared for in the icy caress of our worlds mountains and valleys. It is where we thrive the most."   A Lycans saying that serves as an example of the love for their homeworld
Arctica is a frigid and eternally frozen world somewhere in the far southern milky way galaxy. Orbiting a dying star in the end stages of its life, Arctica serves as the homeworld of the Lycans after their banishment from Inaria following The Sundering. Despite the harshness of the planet, it is nevertheless the most developed and well settled planet of the Lycans, with gigantic cities being situated in the valleys and the plains. In the icy caress of the planet, the Lycans find comfort, and they are ready to defend their home till the very end.


Rugged mountains, badlands and barren wastelands. This planet might seem like a gigantic useless snowball in the cosmic ocean to some. It takes a sharp eye to see the value of life on this planet and how resourceful it truly is"   A lycan describing the geography of Arctica
  Arctica is a frigid and frozen planet bordering on the edges of habitability. Most of the landscape consists of rugged mountains and badlands, with only a few relatively large areas close to geological hotspots that contain arable land and unfrozen water even in winter being habitable. The mountain valleys too are habitable as they are protected from the unforgiving, bone chilling winds that blow across the entire planet and have relatively earthlike conditions. Around 70 percent of Arctica is covered by oceans that are frozen for most of the time except for short periods during summer and during the spring and autumn seasons near the equator.  


According to the Planetary classification system, Arctica is officially a supermassive cryonic world but this can change based on the seasons, as Arctica is closer to being a supermassive boreal world during the summer. The climate that covers most of the planet is usually one of the cold desert type, with little precipitation and bitterly cold winds constantly blowing across the surface. Only some areas on the surface and near the equator as well as the sheltered mountain valleys have the necessary conditions for non microbial and complex life as well as civilisation to arise. In the summer, as the surface heats up and the ice retreats, many alien plants and even forests start to bloom in the warmest areas, giving rise to an extremely diverse climate.

Flora & Fauna

At first glance, one might think Arctica to be a planet completely and utterly devoid of life. Its barren plains and wastelands might not look like the best place for life to arise. The truth however, could not get any further.  

Plant life

Arctican plants have specially adapted to the cold of their planet. The plants and microbial animals of arctica can hibernate for decades and even centuries at a time if they have built up sufficient nutrients. Many of the plants can also resort to devouring other plants and animals for nutrients if they live in a nutrient deficient area. From the bioluminous and beautiful bloomworth to the gigantic and carnivorous Arctican Strangler, the planet has all sorts of flora without which, the fauna could not exist in the way they are existing now.  


Arctican fauna is just as diverse as the flora. Most of the arctican fauna is carnivorous, owing to the little amount of plant life they can eat. Like the plants, the arctican fauna is also adapted to the harsh climate of their planet and many of them can hibernate for a very long time, albeit not as much as their microbial and plant brethren. Another strange thing about Arctican fauna is that strangely, a lot of them resemble those from Cadmeia, which may suggest an ancient link between these two planets.

Natural Resources

"It take a sharp eye and an even sharper mind to recognise and see the value of our world"   A common Lycan saying
To the untrained eye, Arctica might look like a barren snowball in space. Preliminary scans might not show much about the planet but the truth could not be any further. The resources of Arctica are even more of that of Cadmeia, with large quantities of valuable metal being stored below the icy surface of the planet. Mining on Arctica is far more difficult than on Cadmeia however, owing to bitterly cold temperatures and winds often blowing across the planet.   Another very important resource that can be found on Cadmeia is geothermal power. The planet has some hotspots of geological activity around which most of the large settlements are established. Siphoned off these hotspots dotting the surface of the planet, the energy and heat taken from there is then used to run most of the daily needs of the large Arctican population including producing food through the methods of artificial photosynthesis and geofarming . To this day, has served as the chief power source for most, if not all the parts of the planet
A view of the night sky from the surface of Arctica.

Atmospheric composition

The composition of the atmosphere of Arctica as given below:
  1. Surface pressure- 140 kPa
  1. Oxygen- 21 percent
  2. Nitrogen- 70 percent
  3. Methane- 5 percent
  4. Water vapour- 3 percent
  5. Trace gases- Remaining

Orbital characteristics

  1. Perihelion- 2 AU
  2. Aphelion- 4 AU

Geological and geophysical characteristics

  1. Gravity- 1.20G
  2. Radius- 12 million Kilometres
  3. Natural satellites- 40
  4. Average surface temperature- minus 4C
  5. Geological structure and composition- Surface made mostly of basalt with a core rich in iron and magnesium

Demographics and biospheric composition

  • Population- 400 billion
  Population composition:
  1. Lycans - 60 percent
  2. Humans- 20 percent
  3. Aenarri - 15 percent
  4. Saurians - 4 percent
  5. Other races- 1 percent

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History of Arctica

In the beginning, Arctica was a lush world orbiting in the habitable zone of its star. The planet blossomed with all kind of life and was inhabited by many different animals and plants. For a time, there was no sentient species that would arise on the planet, until the Lycan came.  

Arrival of the Lycans

" We were exiled from our homeworld. Cast away in the vast cosmic ocean for our sins. But we found warmth and comfort in the icy caress of Arctica. It was the only home we could call for a time being"   A lycan talking about the exodus of the lycans from their original homeworld of Inaria
  After the brutal events of the Sundering, the Lycan were exiled from their homeworld of Inaria by the Aenarri for their crimes during the war. As the entire race left the planet and took to the stars, they eventually arrived at an icy world that was once lush but had been thrown beyond its orbit and had become a cold and frozen rock. The lycans had decided to settle down on that world as they had no other place to go and their fuel had run out. In due time, the lycans had started their civilisation anew on the icy surface of Arctica and the world soon grew into a vast and sprawling hub for trade across the nascent Lycan empire.   In the meantime, the Aenarri that were present in the milky way galaxy had discovered their brethren on the world of Arctica. Having atoned for their sins many times over in countless wars against the breaker, the Aenarri renewed their alliance with the Lycans and inducted them into The Alliance, With the Lycans becoming one of the great powers of the alliance itself


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At first glance, one might think Arctica to be a planet completely and utterly devoid of life. Its barren plains and wastelands might not look like the best place for life to arise. The truth however, could not get any further.

To the untrained eye, Arctica might look like a barren snowball in space. Preliminary scans might not show much about the planet but the truth could not be any further.
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