Wealth systems exist in all kinds of RPGs, from individual coin counting with weight, internal, relative value, to the "we don't really care, you have the money."

For C2D10 we've tried to reduce any interaction down to the core of the transaction, caring little about individual coins or credits.

Wealth and assets

Money comes in two forms in C2D10. One part is the character's general wealth and has very little to do with actual cash on hand and more about how much "spending room" a character has. It's their entire economy wrapped up in one stat and represent basically what they can afford, how they live, how much money they make at work, what loans they have access to etc. A character during creation has no ranks in Wealth. Having Wealth above 0 ranks is considered an advantage (and thus a virtue).

The basic wealth value is used as a test whenever there's any kind of question of if a character can afford, have access to or can acquire a certain item. Most of the time, the character can just buy whatever is within their wealth bracket, but if there's ever a doubt, performing a test, using Wealth to build a pool against a DC of the Keeper's choosing can help settle any doubts.

Expensive stuff

If a character wants to acquire something that is outside of their wealth bracket, they will have to either find a good deal, potentially by first bargaining for the thing to reduce it's price, or by managing their finances carefully. If a character has a Wealth of 2 but want to acquire something in a higher wealth bracket, the DC increases by 1 per step outside their bracket, on top of which the Keeper adds their own modifier for the item.

Failing the test means the character can't afford to acquire the item and realises this. It acquisition simply fails. However, if there's a setback involved, the character acquires the item in spite of not being able to afford it and therefore accrues a Debt asset of a quality equivalent to the wealth bracket of the item +1. So a Wealth 2 item would provide a Debt 3 asset.

Poor. You barely live paycheck to paycheck. Every day can be a struggle to even maintain some form of normalcy. No pizza on the weekends.
Slightly above average. You manage fine, but you cannot afford luxuries like cars, lavish vacations or a car.
Ultimate lower middle class. You get along. No huge debts, no huge expenditures. No luxuries. You own a car, you have a neat apartment or small house.
Comfortable upper middle-class. You have the room to afford some luxuries, your house or apartment is pretty fancy. You may own a good looking car, or several normal ones.
You're actually rich. Maybe not quite the 1%, but you are definitely up there. Money is rarely an issue for you, and even if you need to invest in something beyond the capability of your liquid assets, getting loans or favors is a breeze.
You are the 1%. You have the wealth of royalty. There's barely anything that is out of reach for you financially.

Using assets

Wealth assets are separate from the Wealth stat. A wealth asset represents loose cash or items worth a certain amount roughly matching the wealth bracket. So a quality 3 wealth asset could be used to "buy" three dice for the wealth test when acquiring something, increasing the possibility that a character could afford the item.

Wealth assets can also be used to cancel out debt assets on a 1:1 basis. A Q3 debt asset would be paid off by a Q3 wealth asset.


Your economic situation isn't great, but it's definitely above average. You have one rank of Wealth.


While not exactly considered a part of the affluent and influential part of society, you find yourself in a position where your wealth is enough to afford you the lower class and middle class luxuries. Your abode is a decent, well furnished apartment and you can even afford a car. You have two ranks in Wealth.


You're a part of the luxurious few who happen to have a lot of money, which can buy you luxury and influence. You have three ranks worth of Wealth.


You have a lot of money and wealth tied up in assets, stocks and favors. There are few things you can't afford at a whim. Things that most people need to save up for months, you can afford at the flick of your wrist. You have four ranks worth of Wealth.

Filthy Rich

You are the 1%. In fact, you're probably the 1% of the 1%. You have an absolute obnoxious amount of money and assets on hand. You have five ranks worth of Wealth.


You're well below the average wealth level of your society and you struggle with even basic things. Whenever you perform Wealth tests, you remove one dice from your pool. That means that without modifiers, you have a pool of -1 to start. You must take out loans even for the most basic of things.


You are dead broke. You own little but the clothes on your body. Whenever you perform Wealth tests, you start at a pool of -2. This means you must pray to fate (use Hero Points) or take out loans even for the most basic of purchases. You have nowhere to live, no vehicle and must find ways to even get food for the day.

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