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80's action meets Blade Runner. C2D10 is a narrative system that puts the focus on immersion and story over complex mechanics.

The 2nd Edition of the Celenia D10 RPG system takes heavy inspiration from storyteller-focused systems like Vampire the Masquerade, Dune: Wormsign and Ten Candles, and focuses even more closely on the story, narrative and experience of the players and characters than the first edition. It fully embraces the narrative gameplay and abstracts a lot of events, providing ample space for narrative and roleplay.

Mechanics are kept simple, yet engaging and provide large amounts of player agency through the Hero Points System. But beware! The Keeper also gets her own pool of Villain Points she can use to steer the narrative.

CD10 2nd Edition is currently in very early development and is considered in pre-alpha. If you want to support our endevours and development, you can sign up to our Ko-Fi at a level that suits you! (You can also sign up via Patreon, using the button below).

Also be sure to join the Discord!


  • D10 Pool system
  • Narrative focus
  • Level-less
  • Skill-based, horizontal progression
  • Narrative conflicts system
  • In-depth, character-driven injury system
  • Narrative Points for player agency

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8th Dec 2022

Health and life

I don't really have much to complain about, to be honest. I am tired. Exhaustion is a thing and I'm still living through it. Overall, I'm doing way better than a year ago, but it's still much of an uphill battle.


This system has reached "finished" in terms of design. I still need to devote some time to read through the thing and update texts that might be out of date, and I need to write the guides for porting settings as well as the Keeper guides on how to run games.

A fair few of those guides have already been written, but there's still a few to go.

The Foundry module is still being updated for V10, and I'm making decent progress.

For supporters, there is now a progress list with what is left to do before CD10 is considered 1.0 Retail. You can find it here in the Progress Report


This system works really well and in spite of minor changes here and there, based on playtests, we're having a ton of fun, and the system is flexible enough to handle everything the players throw at it.


Haven't had time to work on the CD10 module during November, but several updates have been made to C2D10. The updates are available on my github.


Uh...nothing? Didn't have neither time, nor energy, for worldbuilding this months. Sorry :(

Celenia now has a unified place to access all the things with the url: www.celenia.se. It leads to the primary setting of Cinders of the Cataclysm, but the navbar can take you anywhere within the Celenia universe!

Support and Social Media

You can support Celenia on Ko-Fi and get access to all the behind-the-scenes content available, get unique discord ranks and much more! Remember that CD10 Core is free to use, but that pledging on patreon gives you access to the advanced modules as well!

You can follow CD10 and Celenia on Twitter, join the official Beyond Reality Discord server as well as me on Twitch.tv where I share the worldbuilding and RPG-designing openly with you. (Stream currently on extended hiatus)


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