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The Western Wasteland refers to the massive expanse of barren land stretching across Burithien's western coast, a land of dead forests, fields of mud and lakes of salt.


The Western Wastelands was once a massive land of rolling hills and lush grass, with flowering meadows, massive forests, highlands and lakes, teeming with wildlife and also harbouring the early humans of the Bjeorling race. However, when the High Elves angered the gods, massive earthquakes ripped the land asunder, and tsunamis swept across Burithien, despite the elves still surviving the disaster, instead much of the continent being drowned under the sea. For centuries, the Wasteland was submerged, the salt water eliminating much of the vegetation, and the trees became waterclogged and rotten, shrivelling and dying. When the waters finally washed away after all those years, in about the year 230 of the Old Chronology, what remained was a massive basin of mud-soaked wetlands, lakes of salt and dead forests. Over time the wetlands dried up, and became the massive plains of mud which dominate the Western Wastelands to this day.   Nowadays, the majority of the Western Wasteland are expansive grassless plains, with craters filled with mud and saltwater. Several sand basins can be found as well, along with karst regions in areas which were likely once cliffs, eroded overtime by water and wind. There are also lakes of salt, and forests of rotten, lifeless trees.
Alternative Name(s)
The Brown Desolation

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