Rindō (Logging Path)

Lonely Lumbermill

A small village located a few miles from the banks of Kawa no Kin in Kawa Province. Surrounded by a thick copse of trees, a minor forest in its own right, Rindō has its roots as a logging settlement established to provide cheap and accessible wood to the rest of the province. Even today, lumber is the village's major export, but it is also known for fishing, hunting, and as an effective place of exile for magistrates in poor standing with the greater Scorpion Clan.   It is well known that nothing of note happens in Rindō. It is a place of practicality; a station which produces nothing more than the materials necessary for the region to function smoothly. The place hardly shows up on any official maps of the Empire. So, it is a great disgrace for any samurai of the Scorpion to administer the village's affairs. In being so assigned, they are effectively ordered to remove themselves from the affairs of the Empire, and therefore hindered from carrying out their ultimate duty.
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Rindō Mura
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