Burial Shroud

3 Moon, 1127

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Rindō, a dull logging town on the fringes of the Emerald Empire suddenly loses contact with the farming which provides its rice. The weekly shipment does not arrive in market. Indeed no one from the village has been seen in some time. As for those peasants who travel out to investigate, they come back in a mess, unable or unwilling to articulate what they've seen. With the Thundering Plains just on the other side of the river and the mysterious Shinomen Mori lurking beyond that...this unseen threat that quieted a whole village could truly be anything.   Regrettably, reluctantly, it's up to Rindō's magistrate to do something. She may be in contempt of her family and all but exiled to the furthest corners of Scorpion Lands, but Shosuro Jūko still has more than a few favors to call in. Through a hasty series of communications, she manages to scrounge together a team of four samurai who happen to be traveling through or staying in the area. They may be from different clans and backgrounds, but Jūko has no time to be choosy. It's not as though the few samurai already in Rindō are going to be of any help to her.   So it is that four unlikely residents of Rokugan are pulled together and thrown into a mystery from which there may be no return.