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The shadow Tower. Be good child or the shadow tower will take you.

The Shadow Tower is a Subsidiary Organization administered by the Veiled Court. The Shadow tower is a large secret and eccentric organization even to this day with very little even known about them. There purposeful isolation from the general populace has spawned many rumors and conspiracies regarding them. There appearance, mannerism and gear do them no favor in combating any gossip or beliefs about them that my arise. They all were specialized black robes and head wear that completely hides there identities. There robes can become form fitting in an instant allowing for greater maneuverability when in combat or doing any type of activities. There wear special collars that distort there voices making it impossible to identify them from one another. There seemingly superhuman abilities might give some credence to the rumors. On top of that they all seem to be powerful casters which in its self brings negative connotations and conspiracies. Leaving many to be uneasy and distrusting of the organization warranted or not.   Many believe behind their disguises lies a bound and binded monster or demon or other unworldly eldritch abomination summoned by the veiled court to serve them. To many they are monsters willing to do without a second thought or pause fulfill a veiled courts Jurist command without regard for there lives. A shadow tower caster will follow any command even ones that might risk life or limb and are unflinching while doing so. This has led parents and adults to use them to scare children into behaving. Often backed with an fictional exaggerated story of an event that happened to them or a friend they knew. An example,
"Me and a friend were wondering the streets my friend was a trouble maker, so he decided to steal from a trader cart. As it turns out the carts owner saw him and thought i was in on it so we both ran eventually escaping them down some alleyways. We thought we were safe until a dark robed figure appeared from nowhere and grabbed my friend. They looked at me with glowing red eyes i tried to stop him, from taking my friend but they charmed me or something. And by the time i came to it was dark out my friend was missing and my bloody head was killing me. To that day they never found my friend im telling you child you break the rules and a shadow tower member will come and take you, and no one will remember you".
  Though the rumors have never been negated or disproven "so any thing is possible". And there is always some truth to every story. So are the stories just ways for lazy parents to discipline and teach there children are shadow tower members truly monsters, demons or an other worldly entity or just powerful skilled casters well that is for you to decide.


Being that the Veiled court is the  largest judicial system throughout the world. The shadow tower is spread throughout the world as well, protecting and serving the Jurist of the court. With there global presences the stories and conspiracy's about them, have spread around the world as well. Though many seem to consider it a kind of universal joke. Being that the veiled court has a great reputation among the people.

Variations & Mutation

In remote lands that traveling bands of jurist and their shadow tower guards visit, the shadow tower casters are not feared. No they are celebrated being casters, as lesser divine. Being showered with gifts and praise whenever they enter the communities.

In Art

The artist community portrays them much differently then the general populace does. They are normally portrayed as stalwart defenders and unyielding in the face of danger. Normally portrayed as tragic lonesome hero's who segregate them selves from the world in order to protect it. In some portrayals they are the peoples hero's fighting for justice. Though in lands the Veiled court are unwelcomed in such as in the lands of The Grand Alliance of Imperial Powers. Shadow tower casters take on a monstrous unhuman portrayal. The artist seemingly playing into the publics fears often creating propaganda which fits within the conspiracies and myths. You would be able to find alleyway painting of shadow tower members doing or looking like something beastly normally committing acts of violence's against an innocent. Flyers demonizing the members have been distributed throughout the world. Though this is most likely done in an attempt to created distrust and trepidation among the public in order to try and bring down the veiled court with them.

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