WorldEmber Begins

Mind the burn

AHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED! I bloody love WorldEmber!
  I've been preparing lots of ideas for my world, if you need some pointers I outlined my methods in my previous post: WorldEmber Planning. The spark of WorldEmber has ignited my creative fire and I'm eager to get started!   I will be doing some author's journal updates during the event (like this article), and if you want to steal this idea then please do!
It also adds to your wordcount a little.  
What is WorldEmber?

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Check out Janet's brief overview to the challenge and then go and check out the competition page for all the juicy deets (and prizes. So. Many. Prizes.).

  As the subheading of this article says, though: MIND THE BURN! It's not a race! We've got the entire month to create the best damned worldbuilding ever! Go at your own pace and try not to compare yourself to others (be it quality or quantity)!  
  Just so it's clear: I am not competing for the most liked article or most liked body of work this year (as I am part of the World Anvil Team and it wouldn't be fair to have an advantage), BUT that just means I can help all of you lovely worldbuilders instead!  

Community Engagement

During this event I want to be super active in the community, both on World Anvil and on social media. If you want me to take a look at your articles and give some feedback, let's do a mutual exchange!  

What goes around, comes around!


Here is my promise to you:

If you: I will:
Heart one of my articles Share the love with you in return!
Leave a nice comment Leave you a friendly comment in return!
Leave constructive feedback Contact you and give you feedback on an article in return!
Follow my world Follow your world in return, if I am not already doing so!

Support the Creators!

  It's the season of giving! I'm encouraging ALL worldbuilders to add a link to their Ko-Fi pages and Patreons via your World Anvil account settings and world settings.   As well as sharing out the likes on my favourite articles, I will be supporting creators that really inspire me during this month!   My first gift to you all is that I have now released ALL of my worldbuilding and Photoshop tutorials for free on Patreon! You get to see how I create my images in Photoshop and have access to both beginner and advanced tutorials, no account required.  
My free guide on How to find images for your world might come in handy for WorldEmber, so bookmark it for later!
  Last but not certainly not least, share your wishlist! Stick it in an article or add it to your author profile and you never know which charitable souls might see it!!  

Worldbuilding Wishlist

TJ's Worldbuilding Wishlist
Click to view TJ's Worldbuilding Wishlist
Yup, I went there. What's December without a wishlist? If you're feeling festive I've added some worldbuilding related gifts that will really help out with the development of my world for 2019!   P.S. Steal this idea! Share it around!


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30 Nov, 2018 17:59

This is a fantastic idea! I'm stealing it currently!

30 Nov, 2018 20:28


1 Dec, 2018 12:45

Support and give positive feedback and constructive criticism! Am I never blessed with holy light? Is this a sign of the good times?

2 Dec, 2018 11:39

Great idea! I'm borrowing it as well (like everyone else it seems :D)

3 Dec, 2018 05:18

I'd do WorldEmber myself, but good ol' finals season starts on Tuesday. And after that I'll be getting ready for the holidays with my family. Not to mention the Nano book that didn't get finished, since I still wanna work on that. But hey, means more cool worldbuilding articles for me to read, right?

3 Dec, 2018 16:00

Many thanks for your tip on image rights!

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