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Blood of the Dark

January 21, 2020

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This is a world near identical to our own. However, since the Dark Ages, humanity has lived side-by-side with another intelligent species: demons. Now, in the 21st century, demonkind makes up most of the criminal elite, and every big city has a thriving underground life of demonic folk. These demons—or dae, as they call themselves—have a hand in almost every aspect of society: politics, economics, the one-percent, etc...   There are a few loners or small families that keep to themselves, but most are born into or join a clan. There are thousands of clans scattered across the globe, but some reign higher than the others. To these higher clans, all of the other clans answer to. It makes up a social hierarchy that most humans find hard to follow; the rules are every shifting, and if one head falls, there is another waiting in the shadows to usurp the throne.   Most humans have learned to get along with their demonic brethren, some even befriending the dae. Life is not without its stigmatization, however; there is a large following that sees the dae as nothing more than beasts borne from Hell, and to there they should be returned. The movement has been around since the dae first appeared, and it has haunted the demons for centuries, sometimes dying down but always still there. The 21st century brought with it a more relaxed view on religion, and the hatred against the dae went lax with it. Without having to constantly look over their shoulders for angry humans, demonkind has grown stronger and gained a larger foothold in society.

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