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Birion Galaxy

3145 YC

Created by

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ― Plato   The Birion Galaxy is one filled with magic, empires, and gods in constant states of war for thousands of years. With it's six different sentient races all fighting over territory. They have the backing of their respective gods, there is rarely a time of peace. through scheming and bets the gods have their followers fight a never ending conflict for them, but they are merely pawns in a much bigger game than they even know. The gods bestow gifts of power unto the mortals that best represent their ideals and personalities, associated to the Deities Discipline : Stone, Fire, Water, Wind, Life, Lightning . The more like their god they are the stronger in their magic they become wielding their abilities in the name of their patrons, and their goals. Known as Padrins they lead the conflict on the front lines. A Epic Space Opera filled with battles, war, love , loss and intrigue is just the beginning of the stories I have planned for this universe.

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