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Written by EliKwake

A continent of Beyle, and the home to most of it's denizens.


Caldera is a roughly circular continent with jagged shorelines and great mountains that surround it. In the center of this continent is The Great Sea, with several small islands scattered throughout.

On most of the peaks of the mountains surrounding Caldera are glaciers and snow. In the summer the snow melts, running down to the sea in rivers and streams until the fall and winter months, when the snow forms again. There is no ice and snow on the peaks of the mountains to the south of The Great Desert.

The Sacred Forest

The inner ring of Caldera is divided into several sections. The Sacred Forest is to the north. Just east is The Kylen Plains, bordered by Sky Forest. On the eastern side of Caldera is The Green Belt. On the southeastern side is The Dead Forest. Due south is The Great Desert. On the western edge of the desert is The Forest of Cloud. Due west is The Wide Marsh, extending upward to The Cliffs of the Sun, which loop back to The Sacred Forest.

The outer ring of Caldera is difficult to reach, and few are brave or mighty enough to reach the other side of the great mountains. On the other side are black sand beaches, and rich soil. Few know it is there, but for a few small settlements of Goss, Phoenix, and Murklurk on the south and western shores. There are Big Water Merfolk that live in The Great Reef nearby. There is also a small Human clan lives on the northeastern shore.

The northeast shore


Dryad Magic

While magic infuses the whole of Beyle, it is centralized largely in Caldera. This is in part because this is where the Lesser Gods live. While Phoenix are innate users of fire magic and there are some Big Water Merfolk who use magic in The Fiery Crescent, it is more common for magic to be used by those living in and around The Great Reef and the shores of Caldera.

Though the Lesser Gods are the most common magic users, it is not uncommon for those born on and around Caldera to have a gift for magic, no matter their species. Each species treats magic users in differently. It is very uncommon for a wild creature to develop magical ability - it is more common in intelligent species - but it is not unheard of. Wild creatures with magic are either treated as sacred or to be feared, depending on what species they are and what intelligent species finds them first.


When Father Earth was young and Mother Sky was new
When the winds roamed free, a volcano once grew
Small, yes, at first, but with every passing year
It grew all the land that you still see here
One day when it had reached up so high
That it scraped the bottom of dear Mother Sky
A great BOOM! A flash! Lightning and thunder crash!
And Father Earth fell into darkness and ash
— From Song of Caldera sung by Xefiev to Ushina

The Volcano

Caldera was originally a volcanic island that grew, and grew, and grew, and then exploded. The ash and earth that exploded into the atmosphere eventually settled and fell and turned into the many life forms on Beyle, everything from trees to intelligent life forms.

The ash and earth that exploded into space also eventually coalesced and became the Children of the Sky.


The Great Reef

Murklurk, Big Water Merfolk, Phoenix, and Goss from The Fiery Crescent will often visit their cousins and family on the outer rim of Caldera.

For Goss and Phoenix the attraction lies mostly in the land surrounding Caldera. Even for the birdfolk, crossing the mountains is no mean feat. Murklurk also enjoy some activities on land, but often keep to the water out of fear.

The primary attraction to Big Water Merfolk and Murklurk is The Great Reef, the coral reefs surrounding the southwestern shores of Caldera, which are beautiful to behold and rich with exotic fish to eat.

Alternative Name:

The Great Island

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Song of Caldera


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