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The Great Door of Dhegh Kahldur

"As the last stragglers of the attacking forces made it past the last terrace, they looked on in dismay as the two huge doors swung shut with a quiet, yet decisive, thud. There was no way they would be getting any further."   The decoration on these doors is a true testament to how long they have guarded the gates of Dhegh Kahldur, also known as Dug Todeep. For every battle won, the most highly decorated Steinskulptors are given a blank section of the door and told to carve whatever their heart desires, as long as it penetrates no deeper than one foot. The most glorious testament to the city's defences is how all the sculptures are as yet undamaged.


The doors are 30 yards tall, and 20 yards wide. They feature heavily gilded steel banding and filigree. Along the join of the two doors is a slightly slanted stone surface, allowing the doors to open smoothly without damaging any of the carvings. They are carefully counterweighted to swing open silently and with ease from the inside, but be nigh on impenetrable from the outside. The outer surface is a chaotic mix of styles, designs and depictions. No two carvings are alike and some even overlap others as the creators were lacking in space. The carvings range from heroic depictions of glorious victories to bewitching Dwarven women. While no two are alike, they all sport carving skill unrivalled anywhere else in the world. The rear faces of the doors are carved with various trigonometric patterns which the Dwarves claim are integral to the doors operation. However, since the doors are kept open in times of peace and slot neatly into the walls, no one apart from the Dwarves have ever seen them.


The Great Door is actually the fourth door to guard Dhegh Kahldur. The other three having eventually fallen. After recapturing their city for the third time the Dwarves decided that enough was enough and built a door that they deemed excessive. While previous doors had not exceeded two feet thick, this one was a full 8 feet. The frame had to be specially modified to accommodate the increased thickness. The doors withstood their first siege not without damage, however. A large crack formed in the surface of the left door after it was attacked by a particularly powerful dragon. The Dwarves hurried to repair it, casting colossal steel fixing plates that were mounted in the surface of the stone. These plates effectively doubled the strength of the doors. And without realising it, the Dwarves had created the one door that would never fall. After the dragon was defeated, the Dwarves called in their finest Steinskulptor to carve a record of the defeat into the door. Thus beginning the tradition that has continued to this day.
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