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"Possession, one of my favourite ways to mess with the feeble minds of lesser mortals. There are many practical uses for possession. Such as imitating a haunting, having people murder their beloved spouses, cleaning a lair, etc.. Much of the mortal population of this world view possession as something to be shunned. I do not understand this sentiment myself. Indeed, it's one of the most useful tools in my repetoire. It's what sets me apart from run-of-the-mill necromancers."   --Rurael the Unliving in his book The Necromancer's Handbook  

In-Game Mechanics

A possessed creature has a an additional soul controlling it. A possessed creature cannot act under its own free will, however it gets a Charisma saving throw at the end of each hour that it is possessed for.

Transmission & Vectors

The condition is applied when a necromancer or spirit chooses to imbue someone or something with their essence, their soul. There is no other way to transmit this condition.


Possession is usually caused by a spirit or necromancer wrenching away control of your body and using it for their own, dark, desires. Often a possessed individual is not at all to blame for the possession and there is little they could do to prevent it.


Significant behavioural differences will occur in a possessed individual, change in eye colour to the possessor's eye colour.


Either wait for the possessor to expel themselves, or perform an exorcism. Exorcisms work most of the time, but more powerful possessors require more powerful exorcists. If you suspect someone of being possessed, it is wise to get an exorcism performed on them as soon as possible.


Possession can be prevented by the use of a holy symbol opposed to the desires of the particular possessor. It can also be prevented by specially enchanted amulets or sanctifying.


Possession has only been recognised in the last 400 years of recorded history. Prior cases were either too minor to merit noting down, or simply didn't occur. The reason for this is unknown, as necromancy has been around for as long as the Angel of Death.

Cultural Reception

Possession victims are often viewed with fear, and rightly so. For a possessed individual can be used to cause untold harm while treating themselves as disposable.


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