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Bardic Roadmap

Phase 1: Initiation

Define project scope and goals
Research on OpenAI API for chatbot
Outline basic RPG mechanics for stream viewers
Plan monthly book club, bi-weekly movie club, and weekly anime club
Set up a process for WorldAnvil content review
Explore options for community gaming sessions
Research public domain pulp radio dramas for inspiration
Set up and customize a Discord community

Phase 2: Design

Design chatbot personality and script
Create initial design for RPG experience
Develop basic chat commands (!join, !quest)
Select initial books, movies, and anime for clubs
Choose criteria for WorldAnvil content selection
Design a queue system for community gaming
Curate a list of pulp radio dramas
Plan and design Twitch emotes for followers

Phase 3: Development Sprint 1

Develop initial chatbot prototype
Implement basic RPG features
Set up basic leveling system for RPG
Launch first book, movie, and anime club sessions
Start weekly WorldAnvil content reviews
Implement queue system in
Begin sharing and discussing pulp radio dramas

Phase 4: Development Sprint 2

Integrate chatbot with Twitch and YouTube
Enhance RPG experience with advanced features
Develop character avatars and quest system
Organize community voting for next month's book, movie, and anime
Refine WorldAnvil review process based on feedback
Test and refine community gaming queue system
Continue exploration of pulp radio dramas

Phase 5: Testing and Feedback

Test chatbot interaction and functionality
Beta test RPG experience with select viewers
Collect and analyze feedback on clubs and gaming sessions
Review and adapt WorldAnvil content selection
Ensure gaming sessions comply with Twitch Terms of Service
Evaluate community response to pulp radio drama discussions

Phase 6: Iteration and Improvement

Make iterative improvements to chatbot based on feedback
Enhance RPG experience (refine leveling, quests)
Develop additional chat commands and features
Adjust book, movie, and anime club formats as per community feedback
Continuously improve WorldAnvil review segment
Refine community gaming sessions and safety measures
Integrate more pulp radio drama content as per audience interest

Phase 7: Final Implementation

Finalize chatbot integration
Launch complete RPG experience for all viewers
Announce official book, movie, and anime club schedules
Establish a consistent format for WorldAnvil reviews
Officially launch community gaming sessions with safety protocols
Regularize pulp radio drama sessions
Set up and customize Twitch emotes for followers

Phase 8: Post-Launch

Monitor chatbot, RPG, community gaming, and club performances
Regularly update and add new content
Continuously engage with community for feedback
Maintain monthly book club, bi-weekly movie club, weekly anime discussions, gaming sessions, and pulp drama explorations
Regularly feature WorldAnvil community content

Ongoing: Community Engagement

Regularly share progress updates
Host Q&A sessions for feedback and suggestions
Adapt roadmap based on community input
Alright, let's get rolling!   Green Hammer means we crushed and completed the agenda piece.   Black Scroll means it remains in the timeline.   Red Skull means we canceled or put it on hold.

Cover image: Tavern Interior by Dean Spencer


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