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Sammy Dreamscribe

Written by EliKwake

Samiel Robert Dreamscribe (a.k.a. Sammy)

"There's nary a worthier bard in all of Fort Bardford than that of Sammy Dreamscribe. I'd hire him to Bardford Square more often if I didn't think the tourists from Calchester would burn us out within the month."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sammy keeps as fit as possible, going for long runs on alternate days to when he lifts weights.

Body Features

Sammy has a small pair of orange and purple wings. He also has a large set of purple spikes running down his spine.

Special abilities

As a Half-Demon, Sammy has the ability to use demonic magic and, if he chooses, human magic as well. He uses this mostly to talk to his friend Muri, the Pygmy Dragon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ashli made a deal with Dalmemon for immortality in exchange for bearing Sammy, and made a deal with Eucalyptus for incomparable beauty in exchange for her firstborn child, also Sammy. While pregnant and while weaning Sammy she lived with Eucalyptus in Fort Bardford, but moved back to Calchester as soon as Sammy was weaned.

smol sammy-portrait.png

While Eucalyptus and Dalmemon were Not Happy about the double-dealing, they decided to settle custody of Sammy amicably. Sammy was legally adopted by Eucalyptus. He spent most weekends and most national holidays with Dalmemon, and weekdays and certain holidays with Eucalyptus. He was raised largely in Fort Bardford, although he went to school in the town of Hempstead.

When he was eleven he came out as transgender. Although initially confused, Eucalyptus and Dalmemon were ultimately supportive and worked together to help him transition as a male when it became obvious that the physical dysphoria was damaging his mental state. Although he endured some intitial teasing for the transition at school, Hempstead is a transgender positive community and the teasing soon stopped under parental pressure.

While some of the children who grew up at Fort Bardford wanted nothing more than to get away after growing up, Sammy absolutely loved it there. He was soon hired on as an entertainer in Crossroads, and sometimes appearing in Bardford Square alongside his friend Damian.

In 2055 he rescued Muri, who was only a kit at the time, from a gaggle of children from Calchester who were tormenting the Pygmy Dragon. They have been close friends and companions ever since.


Sammy went to school in Hempstead and graduated from high school. He opted not to go to college, but instead sought a job and a place at Fort Bardford right away out of school.

Under the tutelage of several master bards of Fort Bardford he learned how to play the guitar. Dalmemon gave him a very old guitar for his eighteenth birthday, and that is how he secured his place as an entertainer. He also was taught to sing by a master bard named Siren.

He also knows how to juggle, and is occassionally called upon to use this skill with his friend Damian.


Sammy is employed as a full time entertainer at Fort Bardford in Crossroads.

Mental Trauma

Although he does not often speak of it, he feels betrayed by Ashli for giving him up to Eucalyptus before he was even born. He loves and is grateful to both Eucalyptus and Dalmemon, but he wonders what it would have been like if Ashli had bothered to raise him.

In many ways, he is also happy not to know, as Ashli occasional visits to Fort Bardford are always fraught with drama. He wants to love her, but in some ways he is relieved Ashli was never his legal guardian. This relief often makes him feel guilty.

He also suffers from quite a bit of imposter syndrome about both his success as a musician in Fort Bardford and in being able to transition so smoothly thanks to his parents. As a musician he feels there are other, more experienced musicians who probably deserve his place in Fort Bardford. As for his transition, he knows many transgender people who did not have such a supportive family and smooth transition, and feels a little guilty that not everyone enjoyed his experience.


Family Ties

Wealth & Financial state

Sammy keeps just above poverty on the tips and salary he makes living in and working at Fort Bardford.

Current Location
Date of Birth
June 20, 2035
Current Residence
Biological Sex

Sammy is bisexual and polyamorous. He has dated both men and women, sometimes at the same time, sometimes one at a time, but has always longed to have the kind of poly relationship where everyone knows each other, loves each other, and talks to each other about their wants, needs, and desires.

Gender Identity

Sammy is trans male and uses he/him pronouns. He transitioned when he was twelve by way of a magic spell cast by both Eucalyptus and Dalmemon, and is hormonally sustained by a hormone-booster potion Eucalyptus makes.

Bright red
Mottled purple and orange, bushy beard of the same color
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pretty pale
275 lbs
Known Languages
  • American English (native)
  • Demonic (some)

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12 Feb, 2021 20:54

Feedback: Positive: Fantastic font! The article feature key aspects of macro-diversity which is a huge positive to see! The article highlights the transgender transitioning which isn't commonplace and is fantastic to see and highlight. Great Article to encourage LGBTQ+ openness and coming out stories within a creative and safe space.   Are for potential consideration for improvements: Use the hero forge booth functionality to export High res photo's and token where you can just the light, the lighting colour etc Although I love the font the font could be difficult for those with disabilities Consider creating a relationship map and board and embed it in the article under Family Ties

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The joint-custody part is hilarious!

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