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Penca is in the middle of Selatres and is used to get fresh water and a waypoint to decide where to go next in Selatres. With well-traveled roads when in Penca you can make your way anywhere. Penca also has large orchards of various fruit trees. Because of this wine and ale are a selling point to travel here. The village here is ruled by a council of wealthy merchants who travel Nineveh for the next best fruit and ingredients for new wine or ale. Penca experienced an economic boom when the former King of Selatres, King Thurian Stormrage, visited the village and spoke highly of its products. The people of Penca are most fearful of a legendary being living in the Qila Swamp that always comes out of hiding every hundred years. The laws in Penca are more like guidelines. The people there enjoy the fruits of their labor and enjoy them hard. The power in Penca is placed upon a secret society of lore keepers who keep the place running from the shadows. The first thing you see when you approach Penca is the glorious botanical gardens lining the pathways as you enter through the thick gates. The whole village is surrounded by impenetrable stone walls.  


Mostly Human with some elves and halflings.


Still looked over by King Milo and Golport, but with the influence from the loreseekers.


There is an impenetrable gate and stone wall going around the village. No form of military though, just the wall.


Wine and other alcoholic beverages.


Wool cottages and small wooden buildings with large manors for the orchards. Breweries and distilleries and the townhall are placed near each other for importing and exporting. There is a large well in the center of the village for any wondering merchants or adventurers who are passing by to get clean water.


The stores here are all for farming and making alcohol. There is one alchemy shop and one blacksmith here as well.

Guilds and Factions

The only faction in this village is the secret group of Lorekeepers keeping this place running.


Historically this swamp monstrosity has tormented villages and towns near Penca.


Lots of people make their way here as a stopping point before they head to Golport.


Wooden houses with stone foundations.


Penca is not too far from the Qila swamp but for the most part in surrounded by hills and plains.

Approximately 1700

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