Badure World of the Weave

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Badure is the island of the weave, woven from the fabric of time, space, and celestial waters. From the celestial chaos arose three goddesses, Furena the goddess of fire, Letina the goddess of earth, and Wati goddess of wind. Letina created the red earth, Furena created the great sun, and Wati breathed life into all living natures. With the labors of the three-goddess complete, they departed for the heavens, not before bestowing a relic of power to the care of the first avatar Lapira.   Under Lapira’s protection the land left behind thrived until the dark times, when the dark jinn Urúnó attacked in order to gain the power of the Imperial Crystal. Therefore, the remaining humans lost avatar Lapira that day and the Imperial Crystal was shattered into thirteen fragments and scattered throughout the lands of Badure.

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