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Vimstones are the primary source of power for Aravun Yashelin. These stones are generally light brown with streaks of clear crystal just breaking the surface of the stone. Vimstones are able to conduct spiritual energy into useable electricity. Vimstones are incredibly common on Aravu and, as such, make up an indispensible part of the lives of those living there. A person may even teleport long distances via the use of vimstones, provided that the vimstone has enough power and there's another of vimstone on the other side. When left alone, vimstones grow .15 inches each year. Some of the largest mounds in Aravu have yet to be discovered because they are so large and vast, they form the groundwork for entire mountainous ecosystems to grow upon.   In summary: without vimstones, the entire infrastructure propping up Aravun communities, whether Yashelin or Fashozim, would collapse. No more telephones, no more electric lighting, no more train system... The list of everything that would disappear is nauseatingly long to ponder.


Geology & Geography

Most vimstones are found on Aravu, and the few bits of vimstone present on Kivria were transplanted there from Aravu long ago. Due to the high spiritual energy centralized on the Kotuye Continent, there is an outsized amount of it in the land.

Life & Expiration

Vimstones are, theoretically, eternally capable of producing electricity via spiritual energy. It is not the vimstone that expires, but the spiritual energy itself. It sure is a good thing that the Yashelin figured out how to harvest Kivrian spirits after they've died, so they'll never run out!
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Like Dirt
Brown, Transparent
Common State

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