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The Great Flood

At the outset of the Astris Genocide, the majority of the Astris and their families fled to the vast cave systems of their ancient, mountainous homeland for protection from Vassi. After all, how could Vassi touch them from under the ground?   They had highly underestimated the power of the God of Creation, who called upon the water to rise and to kill as many of the rebelling Yashelin, their partners, and their children in one devastating blow. As the caves filled and overflowed, water cascaded off the mountains into the valley below.   The Great Flood, in one foul swoop, indistriminantly killed approximately half of the rebelling population. It was a major turning point in the war, as the rebels transitioned from prayers for negotiation to a declaration of war and resistance, however futile.   What happened to the people afterwards, however, is another story. The Great Flood's impact was much further reaching. Once the breadbasket of the world, the valley devolved into the Flood Wastes as the waters from the Great Flood drowned entire communities, their fields, and their wildlife.


The first sign of trouble for those hiding in the cave systems was an ever increasing sound of water trickling. Rather than from above, as the cave dwellers in the deepest regions first assumed, it was rapidly coming from below. Few had time to escape the lowest chambers, much less make it the surface. It is believed that 75% of the deaths from the Great Flood occurred in the lowest chambers of the cave system, and their bodies have never been recovered.   Those in the middle chambers were much luckier; only 20% of the deaths are attributed to those residing here. The highest chambers were the luckiest, accounting for no deaths. The rest of the 5% of deaths occurred in the valleys as the murky, foul water cascaded down from the mountain caves like an avalanche.
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Jul 9, 2023 23:12 by Molly Marjorie

Wow! The idea of hiding in a cave and hearing the water trickling around you is kind of a terrifying image.

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