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The Flood Wastes

At first glance, the Flood Wastes do not look like a wasteland. In fact, the Flood Wastes were once the verdant valley and mountain range that gave birth to the Awassi species in the southern hemisphere of Planet of Araki. The Flood Wastes are so named for the secret hidden within the beauty of the region, that which has prevented habitation for thousands of years since: it is the site of The Great Flood. It is now uninhabited, out of both superstition and practicality.   The superstition shared by many holds that living in the Flood Wastes invites the ire of Vassi, the God of Creation, who damned this place long ago. Similarly, some locals believe that any attempts to live on the land or mine the caves will be foiled by the vengeful spirits who died there. The ancestors of the deceased, meanwhile, also largely give the Flood Wastes a wide berth, in essence treating the entire region as one large mass grave and natural monument to their struggle.   The only town for miles around within the Flood Wastes is Crevis, built on the very outskirts of the region, populated by who are attracted to such a place: farmers, researchers, explorers, heritage seekers, and families who never fully left the region.   Superstition, thankfully, rarely stops determined enough scientists. These researchers discovered the science behind superstition of vengeful spirits -- the Great Flood brought with it from the lowest caverns dangerous chemicals and metals that still poison the ground today, though it much lower concentrations than in years past. They have also found that the cave systems are similarly poisoned, except it is the air itself that is toxic to life.   Superstition also often attracts daring explorers, unfortunately, though there are ocassional gems amongst the rough. Take, for example, the explorer Pio, who rediscovered Afina, a medicinal herb long believed extinct. To the joy of the scientists he brought them to, although the herbs themselves were poisoned, the seeds they grew from them were perfectly healthy. Most are not Pio, however: many overzealous explorers have succumbed to the caves' various dangers in search of treasure. If they return at all, they often return ill, empty handed, and unwelcome by all except the swindling doctor.  
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