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Nanatu Zylpeiros (nah-nah-two z-ill-peh-ee-r-ohs)

"Come closer and kneel."   Eve obeys, eyes cautiously downcast and away from the gaze of the Ida and the spirit mirrors at her sides.   “Very good. What is your name?"   She dares not speak, despite knowing the truth deep in her spirit. She has never felt so exposed.   "Tell me who you are."   Eve wraps her cape tightly around herself, suppressing a shiver at the Ida command and the cold stone of the altar floor.   "Surely one whose purpose in my universe is to expand knowledge is not named Eve?"   Finally, Eve looks up to meet the impatient gaze of her God. "No. I am not Eve."   "Who are you, then? Out with it and let us be done."   "I am Nanatu," she admits faintly, despite her certainty.   It smiles.
  Nanatu Zylpeiros is perhaps best defined by her dauntless pursuit of knowledge and of her dream to one day see the universe through the eyes of the Ida, her God: up close and personal.   As an Astris person and Uri and Heyir's Reincarnation, she's had to fight for her dreams since birth. Although she is now the founder and leading astronomer of Aravu's Babikiye Research Center, she refuses to rest. She remains a divisive figure in Aravun Yashelin politics. Whether she is a harbinger of peace, spreader of plague, or simply a person, one thing about her is for certain: she cannot be stopped.


General Appearance

Nanatu is exceptionally feathered, from her head to the backs of her hands and top of her feet. Her hair takes the form of long, curling feathers that are usually done in intricate braids. Her feathers are a cacophonous mixture of dark blue and gold feathers.   Where visible (primarily face, arms, and legs), Eve has black skin.   While golden eyes with horizontal pupils are common amongst the Awassi, the movements of the colors in her eyes are remarkably reminiscent to that of a hearth fire, taking after her father, Areta Maikir.

Defining Features

While being a hybrid between a Yashelin and Awassi is perfectly normal, as far as these things go, she takes it a step further. As a Katuqin Astris, it is easy to mistake her for an Idin Yashelin except for three main discrepencies in her appearance:
  1. Smaller than average stature, described as 5'3" on a good day
  2. Small horns beginning to grow on either side of her head, though it is coverable by her feathers (for now)
  3. Much heavier feather coverage than the average Yashelin, mimicking an Awassi person's woolen features.

Physical Condition

Nanatu is a full time wheelchair user. She is capable of walking for medium distances with the assistance of a cane or walker or short distances by herself. She is prone to extreme and sudden dizziness and fatigue, on top of her chronic pain. She can fly unimpaired, so long as someone can help her stick the landing.   She has decent upper body strength, owing to her life of as a sailor, farmer, engineer, and researcher.

Special Abilities

Knowledge Hoard

Nanatu has a vast capacity to remember information. She does not have a perfect memory and she must continuously research and refill her stores. She has developed a mental knowledge palace as a mental aid in accessing this information. She accesses it best when given time to meditate and explore its shelves.

Light Creation

Nanatu is the Reincarnation of Uri and Heyir, both of whom have powers associated with light. Uri manipulates light itself to create illusions. Heyir can coax the moon to shine brighter at night.   Nanatu creates light from seemingly nothing. They appear to be stars in miniature, yet cool enough to touch. These miniature balls of energy are the primary source of light on Aravun streets, and many households have switched over to them as well.

Truth and Integrity

Nanatu's mother, Esther, is the Reincarnation of Petal. As a result, Nanatu inherited a much watered down version of their own powers. She is not able to tell for certain if someone is telling the truth or not, but significant falsehoods hit her with a wave of suspicion.   Integrity is much more blatant, if only her family knew it for what it was earlier. Her mother experiences a moral drive via integrity which had led her to disregard predictability. Nanatu instead craves orderliness, comfortable traditions, and predictable schedules.


Nanatu inherited the power of Clairvoyance from Gafir, one of her ancestors. As a result of her also being the Reincarnation of Uri and Heyir, her clairvoyance has a more potent nature. This potency means little, however, if she does not use aids. For her, that means using cards.   Nanatu is more in tune with fate and choice in the universe than the average person, able to feel its spiritual push and pull on her as she moves through life. While she has the freedom to ignore the cards or even do the opposite of what it says to do, she often follows its wisdom anyway. Her desire to follow its wisdom is also why she only reads the cards for herself if she finds herself in a crisis.


General Personality

In three words, Nanatu may be summed up in four words: determined, curious, social, and bright. Even when she's only casually pursuing a subject, unsuspecting observers might assume that these casual interest are her beloved passions. They're not, she is prone to scope creep and just as prone to chat your ear off about it. Minutes in the lab turn into hours, dinner time is a mere suggestion, and a casually asked what's up, Nana? may turn into an hour lecture on tomato hornworms.   At her core, Nanatu is a deeply curious individual. She wants to know everything, which is appropriate given her purpose, to expand knowledge. Whose knowledge? Anyone's knowledge is fair game, but she is perfectly content with expanding her own. She focuses most of her curious energy on learning about the universe and another chunk of that passion goes towards teaching others about it.   Nanatu has a sensitive and spiritual interior life. When her mind isn't whirring about the latest discovery or engaging in the latest social event, she can probably be found pondering, wandering, and/or meditating. She is a highly religious person with a deep respect for the Ida, who she refers to as her God. Given that she is a Astris, many people (even Yashelin) have been taken aback by her reverence, which they usually discover this when they say something blasphemous and/or presumptuous about it and upset her.   It is easy to get under Nanatu's skin, too. She likely will not let you know about it, but one mislaid word, and you can ruin her day. The abuse she has suffered in Aravu has not thickened her skin. In fact, she had much thicker skin and it had thoroughly eroded over the years until recently. Although she has gotten better about fixating on the opinions of others and letting those opinions influence her behavior, recovery continues to be an uphill battle.   Speaking of recovery, she is an extrovert by nature. Despite this, Nanatu had sequestered herself away for a long time in order to protect herself from a world that she perceived as violent and unrelenting. She has only recently come out of her shell again, and can come across as awkward to those she does not know well enough. She is most confident with her friends and family.  

Likes & Dislikes


    Space More Info
    Nanatu is a dedicated researcher of the universe and she dreams of continuing to explore it, ideally in person.

    Music More Info
    Nanatu loves music. She plays the piano and organ. She hums constantly.

    Literature More Info
    She's not the type to sit and read all day, because after each chapter, she has the urge to get up and talk about it. Thankfully, she's working on reading through Ezeki's generously large body of literature, so she can easily pester it or, if it's sleeping, ask Seri and Pamash about what she's reading.

    Sailing More Info
    The seas practically raised her and she has never forgotten her connection to water. She doesn't sail often, these days, but it is Maran and Nanatu's favorite past time together.

    Puzzles More Info
    Nanatu loves to tinker! While growing up, she would sometimes use the piles of jigsaw puzzle boxes that she had accumulated over the years as furniture. If something needs researched, engineering, or repaired, Nanatu almost definitely wants to join in, even if she has no idea what she's actually doing. She'll figure it out, or her name isn't... Well, no, it isn't Pithu or Lucir, but still! Also included in this category are puns, word play, and dad jokes.

    Fairy tales More Info
    Call her a dreamer, but she loves a good fairy tale. She is attracted to the fantastic, the whimsical, and the fanciful, most of all. They don't all require happy endings, but she prefers it that way.

    Color-Specific Fashion More Info
    If it's not white, gold, dark blue, or sometimes purple, Nanatu isn't interested in wearing it. She will, but only if everything else is being washed. She loves to drown herself in her spiritual colors, which comforts her sensitive nature.

    Illuminated Books More Info
    Nanatu enjoys writing and painting. Rather than developing a passion for picture books, she instead found herself knee-deep in the world of illumination. Nanatu means luminary. Figures, she'd lean into the pun.


    Disorder More Info
    Nanatu is an incredibly organized individual, but unfortunately, her idea of organized doesn't always jive with the opinions of regular neat-freaks. Seri and Zibibi have forfeited several bookshelves at the library to Nanatu's organizational frenzy. Bookshelves aren't a problem, but she also obsessively organizes her family fridge by color.

    Defenders of Creation More Info
    They have aggressively targeted her for abuse almost ever since she stepped foot on Aravu. She fears them with a deep, spiritual dread, which is a part of why she refuses to leave the house by herself anymore. Her friends and family escort her everywhere, just in case.

    Heat More Info
    Nanatu generates a lot of it. For that reason, she loves the cold and detests the heat. She's the bastard roommate who will turn the air conditioning on in the middle of winter along with a roaring fan, and not realize that it's a problem.

    Silence More Info
    A moment silence means a breath wasted, or at least she acts like that sometimes. She doesn't mind silence in and of itself, per se, but if she's in good company, she wants to hear their thoughts and share her own in kind.

    Rapidly flashing lights More Info
    Nanatu has the sharp-sight of her ancestor, Uri. Flashing lights won't give her a seizure, thankfully, but especially bright lights may induce migraines and vomiting.

    Pranks More Info
    Despite being a big prankster growing up, most if not all pranks are off the table today. She has endured real violence and would like it if people didn't mock those experiencing by "harmlessly" replicating them, thanks.


Nanatu is a highly educated individual who seeks learning opportunities out with a passion. Her formal education peaked with the Meridian Academy, where she left with the highest level of education possible in the field of Astronomy. Her informal education, meanwhile, has taken her all over Aravu and Kivria, and her peak is now.  


Self Perception

In her worst moments, Nanatu views herself as a mere bug in a universe which was not created with her existence in mind. Rather than be consumed by anxiety over that fact, she believes that she is braver, freer, and humbler because of it. Never mind all of her nervous ticks.   In her best moments, Nanatu views herself as a person in flux. Her curiosity takes her to explore, evolve, and renew. She's well aware that she's a passionate nerd and rightly proud of it, but she does worry that she's overbearingly so.   Nanatu is haunted by imposter syndrome. As a Katuqin Astris, Astris rarely accept her as truly one of their own, since she looks mostly like a Yashelin. Most Yashelin reject her as one of them, by virtue of her method of coming into the world. She has struggled nearly since the day she was born with living in the middle of these two different heritages.   On Aravu, her youth also works against her. Even if someone takes her seriously despite being a Astris, they likely won't take her seriously based on her age. She knows that she is highly intelligent and that her ideas are sound, but convincing people of that fact is an uphill battle. Being surrounded by so many people who are so much older than her often dampens her enthusiasm for her own ideas, because if life has continued like so for so long, what business does she have trying to change anything?

Self Expression

Gender Performance

"How could you possibly be a woman if not a drop of your blood is Henin?" Geneva asks, through gritted teeth.   "I don't know!" Eve groans. "Can I be an ewe and a ram then?   "No."   "But why?"   "Forget it." Geneva relents. "It matters not what you are. Tell me what it means."
If one were to go by Nanatu's 'sex' characteristics, she is indisputably a Yashelin and/or an intersex Awassi. She is certainly a Yashelin in sex and presentation in the bedroom and most of the time while navigating Aravu, but that's not where it ends.   She identifies most strongly as a woman and tangentially as a ram. She knows it doesn't make sense to most, but this is one aspect of her identity that the opinions of others are irrelevant. Some things simply are. She primarily clothes herself as a woman might. She prefers an often impractically feminine fashion sense for her primary occupations, comprised mostly of dresses. And more dresses. Thankfully, her Elevu is Coran, and Coran the Seamstress loves a challenge.   She shows herself off as a ram through cultural behaviors, primarily, such as her method of play with her great-grandfather Elaith and how she interacts with her Awassi relatives, especially ewes. If she is with other Awassi, she will typically part her hair so that her horns are more visible.

Clothing Choices

Nanatu bathes herself in gold and dark blue, the favorite two of her spiritual colors. This aspect of her self expression is less about other people and more about her own comfort. Most people who wear their spiritual colors in such quantity are doing so out of a need to self-sooth. In addition, higher spiritual sensitivity also usually equals higher spiritual energy, and thus more powerful magic abilities. There's no shame in projecting either quality, but it does mean that most Yashelin tread carefully around her on both counts.

Religious Beliefs

Her identity as someone who worships the Ida is a critical aspect of her self-expression. Her Kivrian and Aravun peers alike view her beliefs as odd. Kivrian Lainists find her strange because she ignores the Lailai in preference for the Ida. While it makes her an ideal Organist, which is in fact her preferred method of worship, it also is completely at odds with the average believer. While Aravun Yashelin expect a certain level of reverence for the Ida, she takes it up a notch higher than most are accustomed to, minus the Magi.   Members of both communities have, at various points, wondered how her obsession with studying the universe ties in with her worship of the Ida. After the Ida explicitly called itself the Consciousness of the Universe, most Yashelin are more understanding than they were at the outset, but it's still considered weird. Nanatu doesn't care. She spends the majority of her time at the Babikiye Research Center's Planetarium & Observatory.   It is a personal choice of hers to be forward about her beliefs regarding the Ida, even when it makes some of her loved ones uncomfortable. Yes, the Ida has erred horrifically. But who here can possibly claim to be free from wrongdoing? Yeah, that's what she thought. No, she won't entertain any other argument.

How She Loves

Familial Love
Although she is a perfectly functional and rather mature person in her everyday life, she turns much more childish in the presence of her parents. From her birth to her Kivrian death, Areta read her children's books to sleep every night when she was home. She is never more childishly vulnerable than when she is with her parents. She is most vulnerable with Petal, Areta, and Uri in normal life, and beyond that with Elaith and Geneva when she visits the Zylpeiros family in the Kivrian afterlife. By behaving in this manner and displaying her love of them in a childish manner, she is telling her family exactly how she wants them to love her in her everyday life.
Platonic Love
With her friends, she is most certainly not so childish. If she is worked up enough, she can easily slip into the role of the mom friend. She likes to be prepared for anything, and if that means she's packing a bag with way more stuff than she realistically needs, then so be it! She is playful and physically affectionate with her friends, and she's always down for a hug or a bout of roughhousing with her friends.
Romantic Love
Her primary mode of showing love to her romantic partners is via acts of service. If she truly loves a person (romantic or otherwise!), she will make it her mission to know them. This is no idle threat, not from someone whose purpose is to expand knowledge.
“I think you’re my favorite person to know. Never stop sharing with me, Marie. I love everything I learn about you, even your wrong opinions about combining cereal and apple juice. Everything.”
— Nanatu, to Maran
She also shows her affection through physical affection and quality time. She may be extroverted by nature, but if her partner is feeling tired and doesn't want to go out, she's more than happy to lay quietly in bed together.
Expressing Self Love
Nanatu tries to be forward about the parts of her that are still rather childish. She knows that enjoying dolls and doll houses is not the most mature hobby, for example, but she refuses to deny herself something she loves because some people might think that it is silly or even self-demeaning. She leans into it more-so with her family than with anyone else she knows, but letting go of people's opinions on her maturity level remains a critical part of her self love.   The most difficult way that she attempts to love herself is through physical care. She knew that she would have benefited from a wheelchair and other mobility aids long ago, but besides her cane, she had never allowed herself to actually make that jump. Now that she has switched over to being a consistent wheelchair user, she still sometimes struggles with internalized ableism, but she can usually shut that part of her up because she is in so much less pain and is much more cheerful and energetic because of it.

Dreams & Needs

Nanatu dreams of one day seeing the universe up close and personal. She dreams of setting sail in her own spaceship, exploring the universe and reaching planets - and maybe even other galaxies! - which are otherwise unknown. Nanatu is in love with the unknown, and there is nothing more tantalizing to her than the knowledge above the skies.   If she ever came close to achieving it (and, Ida willing, she will!), she would need to compromise on quite a few aspects of said fantasy. Maybe a vimstone which would transport her back home regularly. Mostly, she needs stability and reassurance. She often feels like a bug at worst and an imposter at best. She might have her feet back under her now, but she still feels an intense amount of overwhelm from her past struggle. Although she has her family and friends in her corner, reassurance now doesn't mean that she'll get it when she needs it next or that she'll even remember to ask for it in the first place.


Ida as God

Nanatu believes in the Ida as her God. She understands that not everyone views it as a God, but she does not care. Her relationship with her God is a personal one. Other opinions do not matter except that of the Ida itself. The Ida is the Ida, and everyone is free to interpret it as they wish, so long as they don't try to make the baffling (to her) claim that it isn't the Creator at all. She has little respect and zero patience for that level of denial.

Fate and Choice

She believes that the universe is defined by a wrestling match between fate and choice, or automation and consciousness. Fate is the way that the universe is programmed to act, as if on autopilot. Choice, on the other hand, are actions which disrupt the flow of the universe's programming and points it in different directions. Unlike her belief in the Ida as a God, Nanatu rarely talks about this aspect of her belief system except in specific circumstances and with trusted individuals. She bases this belief upon her clairvoyance, which seems to guide her in a direction but doesn't explicitly define her choice.

Mixed Methodology

Nanatu does not belief in a binary. She ascribes to neither magical nor scientific thinking. Qualitative and quantitative data is of equal value... If they're used together. She believes that the best results come from a mixed methods approach, whether in research or in everyday life. She believes that people who are close-minded to one or the other are exceptionally silly, and that especially includes Heyir and Uri, even though she's their collective reincarnation. Unfortunately, gesturing at herself when asked for proof of the benefits of mixed methodology only made them (and herself, at their faces) roll on the ground laughing.


Current Status

by Midjourney
Currently, Nanatu is the director of the Babikiye Research Center's astronomy division. She spends most of her time at the research center and precious little elsewhere. She must be regularly convinced to leave, either via her own bodily needs or the wheedling of a friend.   Petal and Maran are the only two people who can, without fail, get Nanatu out of the observatory. Petal has the authority of a wanuye and brings with them the promise of family time. The mere sound of Maran's voice, meanwhile, rouses her from her studious nature. She comes at his call hoping either for affection, for adventure, or both, and Maran ensures that he never disturbs his spiritmate with neither on his mind.   If it is daytime and she is not at the Babikiye Research Center or with aforementioned loved ones, she is likely doing one of three things: spending quality time within Ezeki and Seri's flock, attending to her duties as part of the Fenwell gens, or attending one of the Magi's workshops. On rare occasions, she might even be on 'vacation,' whether at home with her family on Aravu or... Well, also at home with her family, but on Kivria.  


Important Personal Relationships

Familial Relationships

Nanatu and Areta
Show Information
Areta is Nanatu's biological father. They are extremely close. They grew distant from one another after Nanatu's death and reincarnation on Aravu, but they've grown back together. She adores her father and her father dotes on her lovingly. She calls him daddy. Ve calls her ver Lai, or ver Miracle.
Nanatu and Esther
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Esther is Nanatu's biological mother. While they love each other dearly, they rarely see eye to eye with each other on a frankly hilarious level. It is for this exact reason that Nanatu trusts her unconditionally. If no one else knows what Nanatu is up to, Esther does, whether the beleaguered mother wanted to or not.
Nanatu and Oz
Show Information
Nanatu does not trust her godmother as much as the rest of her family. When the going gets tough, however, Nanatu knows that Oz will have her back. She just has to be careful of what she directly asks for, apparently. They are most often heard singing together, which is easier than talking through their differences.
Nanatu and Petal
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There is no one that Nanatu trusts more in her life than her wanuye, Petal.
Nanatu and Coran
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Coran is Nanatu's Elevu. Since Nanatu and Coran do not mesh well together in terms of conversation, Coran displays their support via providing Nanatu with her wardrobe and a great deal of play-fighting. Nanatu would be hard-pressed to come to Coran for personal matters, but even before they were kabi and elevu, she knew that Coran is the Yashelin to go to when she needs a pick-me-up.
Nanatu and Seri
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Seri is Nanatu's Ayiru. Before Seri was her Ayiru, they were flirty close friends. Obviously, they now maintain a respectful distance from each other despite sharing Ezeki as a lover. Nanatu is in Seri's orbit. It's tough for a Serayin to be family, friend, and orbited, but they make it work. Seri tries their best to see it as a learning opportunity rather than a pain in the ass. Especially when said pain in the ass chooses to vent her frustrations with them by turning everything in their sanctuary upside down.
Nanatu and Kiana
Show Information
Kiana is Nanatu's oldest brother. Kiana would probably kill a person (and may have?) for his little sister. Since Kiana's family mainly explained Nanatu to him in terms of preparing him for the upcoming baby, he still primarily calls her Baby instead of her actual name. Nanatu loves her brother, but she frankly has a hard time figuring out whether she should treat him like a big or little brother given his comportment.
Nanatu and Dimas
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Growing up, Dimas felt more like Nanatu's uncle than her older brother, since she was so much younger than him. They are barely on speaking terms with one another, which is an improvement on how they were earlier. Nanatu always has an apology on the tip of her tongue while around him, while his frustration renders him mute. They only behave like functional adults when in the company of others, especially Oz and Esther.

Romantic Relationships

Nanatu and Maran
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Maran is Nanatu's Aravun spiritmate and they refer to each other as Kivria husband and wife. They would be hearthmates, if they both could stay put in one place long enough. They had separated for a short while because of Nanatu's entry into Aravu and Maran's fear, but they have since come back stronger than ever.
Nanatu and Ezeki
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Nanatu and Ezeki are currently figuring out their relationship, with no lack of feedback from their friends and families. Although their relationship contains romantic and sexual elements, their primary feelings towards one another are platonic. They are close friends first, intellectual companions second, and romantic partners third.
Nanatu and Mason
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Mason was Nanatu's first friend and first lover. They both sailed together on the Siren and they returned to Haven at the end of the season together as children. Their relationship is strained because of Mason's inability to stand up to Vittoria, Mason's wife. Neither will ever be over their mutual crush on each other.
Nanatu and Ravi
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They are work friends and that is all, as long as their wanuyes have a say in their relationship. Nanatu loves Ravi and Ravi loves her, but their relationship took a severe, miscommunication filled nosedive. Nanatu has a hard time reconciling the way in which Ravi treated her with the friend of her youth.

Platonic Relationships

Nanatu and Jon Vela
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Jon Vela was Maran's son. He had known Nanatu since she was in diapers. They approached their strange relationship dynamic with one another with good humor, despite the fact that her being his mother-in-law was cause for much eyebrow raising. Nanatu misses Jon dearly now that he has passed away. She marvels beside Maran now at how his legacy continues in the faces of his descendants.
Nanatu and Domini
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Nanatu is absolutely terrified of Domini, and Domini prefers it that way. Domini has a deep-seated hatred of the intruding Astris and will go to great lengths to let her know how much they hate her. Thankfully for Nanatu, Domini is on house arrest for the time being while the legal world of the Aravun Yashelin scrambles to figure out how to handle this case.
Nanatu and Uri
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Uri was almost Nanatu's wanuye, but it is probably best for both of them that ae wasn't. They had a wonderful relationship at first and they have a loving relationship now, but there was a struggle (especially on Uri's part) in the middle which absolutely decimated Nanatu's trust in aer. Nanatu refers to aer as her wanuye at times, if only to remind aer of how she relates to aer on a personal level despite previous pain. Nanatu and Uri love to explode things together in the name of Magic.
Nanatu and Heyir
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Heyir is a much newer figure in Nanatu's life, since they have only recently returned from their exile. They seem to get along well enough. Heyir isn't over just how poorly Nanatu was treated and makes it a point to be the fun relative. Nanatu and Heyir love to explode things together in the name of Science.

Communal Relationships

Zezu Flock
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Nanatu enjoys spending time with fellow members of Ezeki and Seri's flock. The Zuzu have largely welcomed her almost as warmly as the two Serayin they flock around. She is a common fixture at the Kotuye Library and Education Center, where she works as a Librarian and book copyist.
Babikiye Research Institute
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Nanatu is at the helm of the Babikiye Observatory, the headquarters of the Babikiye Research Institute. She teaches about astronomy anyone who walks through the observatory doors, sometimes even if they didn't ask and didn't want to know. It has become a general hub for the scientifically minded of Aravu, whether Yashelin, Fas, or something else entirely.
Fenwell Gens
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Nanatu is a member of the Fenwell Gens and the proof is in the branding scar on her thigh. She is the only member who is not Fas. Her Fen name is Olepip, or Birdie. She largely stays out of internal Fen matters, preferring instead to help them process Fenip fiber.
The Magi
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Nanatu is counted amongst the Magi. She doesn't attend all of their meetings, but she enjoys popping in on Uri and the crew every now and again. Since they are all so much older than her, she tends to feel like she's being drowned in aunties anytime she sees them.
Bes Navy
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Nanatu is a civilian now, but once a Bes Navy Sailor, always a sailor. When she has sailed with Maran in recent years, the sailors of the Siren treat Nanatu cordially. They are mindful of her civilian status, however, and treat her more carefully than she would otherwise like.
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Despite being such a small community, Nanatu has rarely felt more invisible than in Haven. It's a good thing, and an unsettling thing, especially after returning from Aravu after so many years. She prefers to spend as little time in Haven as possible and, besides her parents, has made little effort to integrate herself into her old home of birth.

Also Known As

Elaith (traditional Zylperian Awassi name)
Eve (common name)
Nan'tu (Bes Ivu dialect)

Name Meaning

Luminary (Nanatu, Ivu)
Prophet (Zylpeiros, TBD)
Nothing (Eve, Ivu), Dusk (Eve, TBD)--


To Expand Knowledge

Spiritual Color(s)

Gold (hereditary)
Velvet Blue (acquired)
White & Purple (Reincarnation's Mark)






Diasporic Astris
Aravun Yashelin


Heshi Ariko

Place of Death



Maran Vela (current)
Ezeki (spicy friendship)
Seri (???) Mason Verbena (separated
Ravi (separated)


Esther Zylpeiros du Geneva (mother)
Areta Maikir (father)
Ozim Laila (godmother)
Aravun Caretaker(s)
Petal (Wanuye)
Coran (Elevu)
Hanalun (Ayiru)


Riley Vela (daughter)
Velita the First (cat)

Current Profession/Rank

Founder and Lead Astronomer of the Babikiye Research Center
Student of the Magi

Former Professions/Ranks

Reorganizer of Heyir's abandoned Flock
Astronomer at Meridian Observatory
Organist of the Idelpol Cathedral
Toy Maker of Haven
Bes Navy Sailor


Reincarnation of Uri and Heyir
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