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The Magi is the collective name for Uri's inner circle. They are experts in the realm of magic, also often referred to as experimental spiritual energy manipulation. They are responsible for maintaining the magical, less understood, side of the infrastructure that keeps Aravu running smoothly, such as the wards that mark the barrier between the Fashozim Federation and the Aravun Yashelin community.   Uri handpicked each one of the Magi primarily based on the fact that these Yashelin produce more spiritual energy than the average Yashelin, and thus need the extra guidance and exercise in order to function well within the community.   Members currently include: Cheruba, Anapi, Triva, Enido, and Bee   Former members include: Hiko, Domini, Hana   Banned from the Magi for crimes against Uri's sanity: Areta and Heyir
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