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Kotuye Library and Education Center

The Kotuye Library and Education Center is a multi-use space for residents Aravu-wide, though they cater primarily to the Yashelin community. The library is located at the heart of the Kotuye Continent, high up in a mountain valley within Purple Mountain City, which this structure towers above. Services they provide include casual meeting spaces, daycare, educational classes, and even a centralized location dedicated to reading, writing, and research and learning of a bookish variety.   That being said, how can the Library help you today?  

Library Foyer, Entry Hall by Aster Vela via Nightcafe

I'm just looking to relax/hang out with friends, thanks.

  One of the primary functions of the Kotuye Library and Education Center is as a casual meeting places for the community. The entrance hall is dedicated primarily to that purpose, with plenty of comfortable places to sit, meet, and even get a bite to eat from the library's cafe. They are welcome to visit the rest of the library, but special rules regarding noise levels apply in the rest of the building as a courtesy to those hard at work.  

Open Study Area by Aster Vela via Nightcafe

I'm looking to explore the Library and get some reading/research done...

  The Kotuye Library owns every single book ever printed by a Yashelin individual on Aravu, plus or minus a few independently printed books. Here, people can find books at any reading level, whether a new reader or an advanced researcher. Owing to the library's large collection, it can occasionally get a little tricky to find the exact book you need... That's when you want to find a librarian, like Zibibi, or explore to your hearts content! Who knows, you might find something you didn't know you needed while you browse the many floors, rooms, and nooks within the tower. The library also offers open-plan and discrete desks available for use on a first-come first-serve basis.    

Charo and Nanatu's Office by Aster Vela via Nightcafe

I have an appointment to meet with...?

  People are welcome to make appointments with various professionals who work in or adjacent to the library. With limited exceptions, open office hours/walk-ins are also welcome according to availability and personal preference. Ezeki and Seri are not currently available for formal walk-ins, but if you see them around, feel free to strike up a conversation!  

K Library Classroom by Aster Vela via Nightcafe

Help, I'm late for class!

  As the primary educational center for the community, Kotuye Library offers classes and workshops everyday that are geared towards a variety of age groups and interests. Usually, specialized classes, such as first aid trainings, are small and if they're expecting you, they'll likely wait and attempt to contact you before starting without you.  

If I have to talk to another person, I'm going to explode. Got any good hiding spots?

  Sure do. With a building so large, it's easy to get lost and be lost. There are many nooks and crannies in which to hide, though, I stearing clear of any weird, out of place walls or blurred bookshelves. Whoever is making all of those strange glamours clearly wants to be left alone.  

Wait, where's the temple?

  An easy mistake to make! The Library and the Temple are part of the same building, but its entrance can be found opposite the Library's. It's the one with the purple dome. Many people walk right past it and wind up in the Library by mistake all the time when they're on autopilot. Only certain trusted individuals are aware of where the entrance to the Temple via the Library is located.
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The Library, the Tower
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