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Katuqin is defined as a rare genetic disorder experienced by Astris as a result of a stronger genetic influence from the Yashelin parent than the other. They are, essentially, Yashelin born rather than created or transformed by the Ida. The earliest sign occurs before birth, if and when an ultrasound shows that the baby is developing wings.   Katuism - as the condition itself is called in some medical settings - appears to be caused by a disfunction in the child's ability to process spiritual energy. Some produce or excrete too much spiritual energy for their newborn bodies to handle, while others seem to produce or excrete too little energy. Katuism is also comorbid with other conditions. In theory, if someone born with Katuism was able to survive to adulthood, the child would be nearly indistinguishable from an idin Yashelin in terms appearance and the ability to fly.  

Controversy: Condition or Subspecies?

  Taken literally, the name would imply that a Katuqin is a Yashelin through birth. This fact, however, conflicts with popular belief and tradition, which posits that the Yashelin species only increases in number through two methods: creation (idin yashelin) and transformation (tikiran yashelin). From this conservative standpoint, to be other than idin or tikiran is to definitionally not be a Yashelin, and to claim otherwise is regarded as erroneous at best and blasphemous at worst. If you want to watch someone's head explode, try pointing out that the Ida created the entire universe, so aren't we all Idin?   The debate surrounding what sophonic category a Katuqin person belongs to has only become a recent subject of debate for one simple reason: only one has ever survived past three years old. As such, Katuqin people were defined by their condition and the symptoms associated with it before Nanatu Zylpeiros's nigh miraculous survival.
Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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