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Hanalun is a member of the Shushani Flock and lives in Shushani Pithin with their scaly pet dragon, Yuyu. They work as a Farida, or a musician-magician who travels to various sites around Yashelin society that requires their specialized set of skills.   Hanalun was a volunteer exterminator during the Astris Genocide. As a result, they left the Magi on poor terms. Then, the same Uri that had cast them out from the group for it turned around and finished the job. On the Ida's direct orders or not, it infuriates Hanalun on principle.   With the exception of Uri, they are the only exterminator who refused to agree with the Defenders of Creation. They were excommunicated by its members, but they easily shrugged it off in their usual grouchy manner: good riddance, the trash let itself out.   Nowadays, if they're not actively at work, they can be found taking Yuyu for flights to the beach and back. They otherwise keep almost entirely to themself, having come to the conclusion from their recent experiences that they should mind their business. Maybe, just maybe, if they wait long enough, everything will return to normal.


General Appearance

Hanalun is one of the shortest Yashelin, standing at approximately 6'2", or 188 cm. They are otherwise of a slightly above average build for their lifestyle and age, owing in part to the fact that they fly everywhere rather than take the public railway. They have bright yellow feathers which cover nearly the entirety of their body, including exceptionally long tail feathers compared to their height. This combination means that they are very easy to spot in a crowd or in the sky, to their annoyance.


General Personality

Hanalun is a Yashelin of few words, which they more than make up for in their profession as a uniquely powerful Farida. They prefer to keep to themself almost entirely, with very limited exceptions. They have a steely and often irritable exterior, which disguises a constantly whirring mind and aching need for direction.
Also Known As
Name Meaning
Spiritual Color(s)
Yellow (hereditary)
Aravun Yashelin, Idin
Shushani Pithin
Romantic Partner(s)
Sheruba (Wanuye)
Traveling Farida, or musician-magician

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