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WIP from Summer Camp! Updates coming soon.   Diluvialite is the name of the rarest gemstone on Kivria. It is found only in the deepest, most hidden caverns of the aves of the Flood Wastes. The stone is strongly trichroic, appearing blue, violet, or grey depending on its viewing angle and lighting. It ranks 9 on the Mohs scale. Due to the lack oevidence for diluvialte prior to the Great Flood, Crevis scientists believe that this gem formed as a result of the water pressure and chemical reactions within the cave system during the disaster.   Many an explorer and potential miner have tried to find diluvialte in these caves, and if they returned (successful or not), these same people will agree that the dangers may just outweigh the value of the stone, but only just. After all, those who come back with one of these stones and manage to find a wealthy enough buyer can afford an early, comfortable retirement in their city of choice for the rest of their lives.   They'll need it, too, because legend says (spread by Crevis elderly and children) that not only are these gemstones rare, but all who come into possession of one are cursed by the God of Creation to die a painful death. Like most legends, there is a kernel of truth to the claim. The caver was most likely exposed to harmful gasses and dust within the cave system, which has the potential to develop into cancer not long after exposure. The caver, however, was likely not exposed to the gemstone long enough to experience any adverse effects from that angle.   Buyers, on the otherhand, are known for wanting to flaunt their wealth via wearing their belongings. As such, they often remain in close contact with the diluvialite, such as wearing it regularly as a necklace or even a wedding ring. Why is wearing them an unwise choice? Well, this time, the Crevis scientists' hypothesis is incorrect. Diluvialite is, in reality, a nascent Vimstone. Its formation after the flood has little to do with the waters themselves. Diluvialite formed in response to the mass death of the spiritually resonant Yashelin and Astris, which took place:  
  1. in an enclosed environment, and
  2. with no where for their spirits to travel, having been rejected by the God of Creation
  Diluvialite are spirits which transformed into a mineral. Diluvialite undergoes the process of turning into vimstones at a glacial pace in such an isolated, spiritual energy bereft environment. Once no longer deprived on spiritual energy, it eats up the energy around it at an alarming rate. Treasure hunters and buyers of a mortal nature beware.

Cover image: Diluvialite Filled Cave by AsterVela (Midjourney)


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