The Races

The Races The mortal races are divided into three categories; the Soulless, the Subject, and the First races. Those born of the planes are the "engifted or forsaken".   The Soulless are the races left over from the old world; their kind finding eternal life only in reincarnation. These races being the Vanara , the Hadozee, and the Darfellan.   The First Races, once numbering five, have been reduced to two. These were created by the Parents, and souls are connected to the afterlife. The Ventai are the last of the sea people. Their kingdoms once vast are now abandoned. The goblins hail from the second of the First Races. The goblins of the world are those who were adapted by the Goblin King into their current form. The True Goblin is now understood to be extinct, but its offshoots have scattered.   The Races who were created in the modern area are as follows;     Humans are the only races capable of reproducing with other races or beings. It is from this seed we also get the following races; Aasimar , Tiefling , Half-elf, Half-orc. These half-breed races are always sterile.   Elf are the oldest living of the races. They are broken into two types; Light and Dark. The Elves are people of grace and nature.   Dwarf are the second oldest living of the races. The Dwarves are people, short and hardy with a connection to the ground.   Orc live short and hard lives. They are strong and tribal by nature.   Halflings are the happy cousins of the Gnomes. They are short and stout, prone to light-hearted trickery.   Gnome  are the cousins of the Halflings. They are close-knit and inventive.   Warforged  are a relic of the war against the interplanar aggressors. They are extremely long-lived, potentially immortal. In their natural form, they have personhood but no soul.   The Dvati are said to be the product of the Cruel tortures of the Murderer. Two bodies who share one soul are connected in a way that is considered heresy to some.   Catfolk are native to the Wilds. They tend to be sociable but lack common sense. They are agile by nature.   Asherati - Natives to the Aerids. These are often called Sandswimmers by those who do not know.   Dnasi - Natives to the Aerids, a bird-like people. Aggressive and protective of their power. The only race that is capable of a natural connection to Psionic power.   The Elemental Races;    Chemolites , a medium-sized ant creature from the Plane of Fire. Secondly there are the Four Lemites races, those of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.