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The continent is varied in its biomes. It is the original home of the Stillari of Stillendam and the Dwan of the Northern Towers in the world of Ayrul. It has a rich and long history that precedes humans by hundreds of thousands of years. Humans have measured time since the Rise of Murapii, the dominant human empire in Apour, so we will use their measure to keep time. The races of Azrea are highly segregated, and most humans don't believe in non-human races at all. They see them as nothing more than stories.   Nations on Azrea include: East Rendin Grengar of the Darkveil Itavia Korland Northern Towers Quan Quintrom Sawra Stillendam The Isle The Wild Lands West Rendin   And the Patheons that rule over it at The Cult of the Weave in the south and Frost Wild in the north.



Articles under Azrea

Organization | Jan 28, 2023

Once the most powerful nation on Azrea, torn to shreds by political intrigue and infighting.

Organization | Jan 16, 2023

The thieves with purpose and honour. The Magpies believe in balance, and their roll in society is to balance money and take care of the poor.

Darkveil Forest
Geographic Location | Jan 28, 2023

If you have never had a bear hug from a creature the size of a house with bark and stone skin, there are new experiences waiting for you in this terrifying destination.

Black Wolves
Organization | Feb 24, 2023

Violent criminals that trade in human misery. They are every where making life hard for anyone they can.

Grengar of the Darkveil
Ethnicity | Feb 24, 2023

Can't live with them, can't kill them, unless you use fire, but that only makes them angry.

Organization | Feb 9, 2023

Technology and Magic obsessed little folk that like to augment themselves. They do make pretty cool and useful things though.

Organization | Feb 9, 2023

A land that lives in communion with its chosen inhabitants, but don't go there uninvited, or the forest, rivers and lake will kill you long before you can ask for directions.

The Dead Lands
Geographic Location | Jan 28, 2023

If you find yourself in this dark place, you would be well advised to stay clear of the locals. The good news is you will know they are coming because of the overwhelming smell of death, the bad news is that they move pretty fast.

Organization | Apr 2, 2023

Money makes the world go round, so be the one making the money by making other people's money more.

Northern Towers
Organization | Feb 24, 2023

When you want someone to stubbornly stare at you or refuse to listen, there is no better company than the Dwan of the Northern Towers. Seriously, the rocks in the mine think they are unreasonably stubborn.

Organization | Jan 28, 2023

If you hate anything that looks like arcane magic, love socialising in the drinking hall and think fighting is better than a slice of pie, Quan is your place in the world.

The Order of Humanity
Organization | Jan 28, 2023

Powerful people with vampire abilities that don't mind a sun tan. These ones are Trouble with a capital 'T'

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