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Potential games

1 Ww2   2 Post apocalypse  


  world ending   3 Archgaul The king of giants : the titan king wants to bring the end of the world and recreate it in his image (ie think thanos) end the world- World in titans image - The Titans   4 Lord Furnace Leader of the Warforged: The warforged once ruled the lands and a optimistic rebel in Solcau wants to see the return of their great empire. (The Machine takeover- -the machines)   5 Jumao the Dead king: A long standing necromancer that has plagued smaller regions of axil. wants to take over axil and rule it as his domain (The horde)   alien like   6 The Abyssaals:Mind flayers always plauged the dark areas of the world and once ruled it in their prime, they have been planting and subverting for centries and they finaly have reached a point where a takeover is posible (The visit)   7 The Wrothian invasion: an alien species has discovered life on the planet's surface and comes down to discover what axil has to offer. The lives of axil are at risk as they see the sentient species as more than just a promising combatant (alien race invades, battle of science vrs magic)   8 Rise of the deep horrors. At one point in history the demons and devils of the multiverse had a large ammount of control over axil and even were once allowed to live in "The City" they deeply miss these times and height and would like to make a come back   Heroic   9 Take the charge- lead one of the nations or religons into a conquest to unite the continent   10 Explore the old ruins of the Warforged prime and ancient ruins, find treasure and relic   11 Head the guild of heros- a new guild has started up and wants to help better the conditions of people around axil deal with the large threats that face them

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