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Erquens international affairs are a little tricky as a lot of the information is based on older accounts on what has happened as a lot of issues are just closed up or never talked about by the rulers of Erquen. What is known is that they are generally friendly with everyone but the Halfkin. they mainly foucs on international trade as they control pretty much the only trade route from one coast to the other that is generally safe.


lasting wars with them caused a lot of damage to Elven kind and the stability of nature and life on axil in the eastern part of the continent. The fact that they created living beings with souls and enslaved them was devastating to their relationship. Most elves distrust or dislike half-kin for that reason


the relationship between elves and dwarves is generally neutral/positive and friendly. They never have really had a quarrel with one another and find joy in similar things between craft, drink and the value of sentient life


the relationship between the giant and brutish kin of Algaric and Erquen has always been a little rocky but Erquen did fight for the right for Algaric to continue the magic that Algaric practices in the courts of Solcau winning the rights for their peoples. these two groups often have nature magic in common and both enjoys the luxury that it brings.


Balox is a athorn in Erquens side and they have never had a friendly relationship. They make the most profit off goods going from east to west as Algaric or Rensal has to pass through their territories first and it also hapers trade with erquen itself. Erquen hasnt sucked up their terriotry because their god deems it a bad act, as well as the land, is cursed by the hlaf breeds that live here according to high priests and druids


Rensal and erquen have a decent relationship as Rensal provides alot of goods and resources that can never really be gotten anywhere else. With Erquens deep pockets they are able to conduct trade easily. and the animal-esc folk that live here are beloved by clerics and druids.


Internally Erquen is trying to remove the chains set apon it by solcau as they are now just a tiny dying nation there is no need to have them around influencing the government anymore. The time for Erquens rise to prominence is now and they are in just a situation to do so.
Some struggles in erquen currently are:
-Connection taking care of and governing the eastermost territories of Erquen
-Dealing with rampant monsters and beasts in the forest that kill travelers
-Finding and eliminating all dragonborn as they are responsible for disease, property damage, stealing and the fall of The City destroying alot of elven kind

Industy and Econmy


Erquen access to a large number of resources as uses all of them for both production and trade.
Metals found in the territory by rarity are: Tin, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Iron, Lead, Silver, Platinum, and Mythril
Stones found include: Granite, Feldspar, Quarts, Gypsum, Limestone, Sericite, coal and Rubys
Natural resources include: Lumber, Purple wood, Kings root, Water of ilake, Weave silk, Blurple leaves, Tumeric, rice, Garlic, Cinder petals, wheat, tomatoes, and gourds


Erquen produces a large number of items of various sorts and here is a composite list of common items exported:
Medium and heavy armor, elven weapons, Bows, arrows, Paxcels, Carts, Magic wings, Elf-blades, Moon blades, items of Elven-kind, Elven art and art items. Musaical instruments. Spellbooks, Spell scrolls, Weave bands.

Magic and Technology

Elves are a very magic based culture with everything from the grandest mages to the arcane archers they find the power of nature or the eldritch important. Many Elves belive heavyily in religous magic as well under the name of their god Corellion.


Elves contain the largest millitary training achedmny in the world "The Guild of Heros" produces heros and powerful people who either go adventuring in life or become great and grand soldiers. They often have the best in brightest for their millitary but they are more hired mercs than a dedicated force. But they are not warmongerers and much more diplomatic based at least at the current moment.

Laws in the land

Government, Leadership
Erasyl Swift
Neighboring Nations

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